Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seduction of the Postman

I have a bend for wanting to do things that seem outrageous or, in my mind, taboo. I, like most guys have a thing for men in uniform. I like cops. I have a particular love of firemen. Military guys drive me nuts (in a good way). But even a guy in a mechanic's uniform can get me going. I'm a cocksucker. You flash me your goods and I'll want you no matter what you've got on. That said, I've always thought my postman was hot. I'd never talked to him before but this week I managed to meet him at the door as he was dropping my Chanukah cards in the box. "Hey handsome," I said as I opened the screen door to reach for the mail. I'm not in the least bit shy when it comes to outward flattery...I don't care if the guy is straight. This friendly greeting caught him off guard. might have been more the fact I'd timed this meeting carefully to coincide with me freshly out of the shower, hair and chest still partly wet and a towel wrapped around my waist. I'm furry and a wet furry guy with a fit body is HOT, I use this to my advantage whenever the opportunity presents itself.

"Hey, Mr. XXX Happy Holidays." He smiled and looked me up and down stopping a few times to stare at my slowly growing bulge. That was the extent of our conversation. I'd said all of two words...he replied. We stood there in awkward silence for what seemed like minutes but was probably only 15 seconds. He then took a deep breath, looked me in the eyes and said, "I guess I'd better deliver the rest of this mail." I nodded and smiled, tossed the mail aside onto the table and adjusted my wood. His eyes were glued to my every move. I stood in the door as he began to walk toward the neighbor's house. Our front doors face each and as he walked away, he kept turning to watch me standing in the door. At first I just stood there smiling. Then I grabbed my furry pecs and rubbed my chest, brushing away the remaining water drops. He almost took a misstep when he saw me rubbing myself. I then dropped my towel and waited for him to turn around again.

He fidgeted with the neighbors mail and then looked again toward my house. Naked and hard, I just stood there looking back at him...all the while a cheshire grin on my face. He whispered something...I imagined it was "oh God" and instinctively he pawed at his crotch. I took my dick in my hand and gave it a few tugs so that it would stand straight out, pointing at him. He was frozen, staring across the yard. I turned so he could see my furry ass and walked into the living room opposite the screen door. I plopped myself down on a chair and started slowly stroking my dick.

At this point, my heart was beating pretty hard. I was pretty turned on and, though it didn't seem like this guy was going to walk on over and accept my open invitation, I was going to need to blow my load having gotten myself overtly worked up here. The mailman moved on toward the next house, turning back a few times to see whether I was still stroking my cock. "Fuck," I thought, "come back dude, I want to blow you." I lay my head back, closed my eyes and just continued to slowly stroke my cock.

After a few minutes...five at most...I watched the postman walk back to his truck and he proceeded to park it in front of my house. I watched him lock the truck and look around as he made his way up my walk. I was still jacking off when he knocked on my door asking if he might use the bathroom. Smiling I got up, still naked, and walked over to invite him in. I pointed him in the direction of the bathroom and closed the front door. I listened as he unzipped and stood taking a pee. He flushed and washed his hands. Facing his direction, I knelt down and continued to pull on my cock which was now starting to ooze precum. He walked back into the room and blushed seeing me kneeling before him blocking his way to the door. "Oh man you look hot," he said and followed it quickly with, "I've never done anything like this before." I chuckled and lied, "neither have I." He fidgeted a little and I dropped the bomb, "I fantasize about blowing you. Can I suck your cock?" He replied by saying, "Oh fuck," which I knew was a yes...marked by the exclamation mark of a wet spot on his uniform which is dick was tenting.

He walked over and I popped the button and slid the zipper on his uniform pants. I reached in to his pants and cupped his ass before pulling his pants down around his ankles. His dick was hard and throbbing in his white briefs, the wet spot continuing to grow. I leaned in to bite on his dick through his underwear, but I quickly decided I'd better get to the actual cocksucking, this guy was really turned on and was fast approaching the blast zone. I love tugging down an elastic waistband and have a guy's whopper dick smack me across the face. My postman friend was no exception. Hefty man meat, about 7 thick inches with a foreskin for days. I love uncut guys and chewing on foreskin or snaking my tongue under a guy's hood really gets me going. I swallowed the head and pushed to get his entire dick in my throat. I paused at the bottom and then started working the length of his shaft tasting his salty dick. He put his hand on the back of my head as he approached climax. His wedding ring thumped the back of my skull a little. I eased off of his cock and stroked the spit on his shaft with my hand. "Not yet, stud...I want to enjoy this a little longer." He sighed and smiled, "it feels so fucking awesome."

I began licking his nuts and working my way up and down the shaft of his dick. It was standing at attention, an angle that, admittedly, was a little hard to work all the way down my throat, but when you want something bad enough, you work at it. I started throating my postman again, gaining a bit of speed each time his breathing started to quicken. When he was close to cumming, and started a series of deep inhales, I knew what I had to do to bring this guy over the brink. "He grabbed on to my shoulders and his legs started to shake. He gave me the obligatory warning, "I'm gonna cum," but I already knew that. When his body started to jerk, I slid my spit soaked finger into his ass. "Arrghhh, fuck!" He shot volley after volley of hot spunk across my tongue and my beard. I eagerly licked up what I could catch, but he was already collapsing back onto my chair. I moved in to catch more of his cum and swallowed his still throbbing member burying my nose in his pubes.

When his breathing finally slowed, I slid off of his cock and licked what cum I could find. I offered him a shower, but he declined. He was feeling a bit weird I think because he seemed in a hurry to leave. When he stood up, he noticed I'd splooged my cum all over his shoes. I willingly offered to eat my cum up off of his feet. Instead he walked toward the door and picked up the towel I had dropped earlier, cleaning himself up. He rushed out and drove off, leaving me on my knees to rub out another load. I didn't know it then, but I would be seeing him again (and again).

Monday, December 7, 2009

I got cum on my shirt...

So I got myself into a bit of a pickle last week. One thing you should know about me, I'm horny all the time. I woke up hard, went to the gym...hard...and left for work unsatisfied and hard. I wasn't late but I didn't really have much time to waste either. I raced down to the lobby to meet the valet who was delivering my car. In the elevator I tried to arrange my dick so it was so blatantly sticking out. I didn't have much luck and moving it was like foreplay and only made it harder. The lobby was pretty free of traffic and I managed to cross the lobby without drawing too much attention to myself, my hands stuffed into my pockets. I step outside to the valet post and pulled my hand out to give the cute guy there my ticket. His eye caught my crotch and he quipped, "you're up early." I swear I blushed a little trying to make sense if he was talking about me or my wood. He grabbed the ticket from my hand and cupped my crotch with the other and asked if I'd want to help him locate my car. Always one to want to help out, I said, "sure!"

We took the elevator up to the eighth floor of the parking deck and walked over to my ride. Hertz was unkind to me that week and I was driving some piece of shit electric blue Focus. I was embarrassed. He led me over to the car and opened up the door to the backseat. I slid inside, he got in after me and we began to go at it. This guy was much younger than his twenties I'd say but he was a hot mother fucker. He had a nice build, tall and thin but not without some beef. He had one of those cute boyish faces, blondish-red hair on his head and his face. I'm a sucker for a beard. He slipped his coat off and had the same light-colored fuzz all over his arms. I was hooked.

Without words we started making out. He was a tiger, no doubt. I didn't dawn on me till later that he was the only one working so he'd have to be fast not to be missed downstairs. He unzipped me and took my dick in his mouth. He'd obviously done this before. He worked my dick and I was fast on my way to blowing my load down his throat. I started to feel the approach of that point from which there's no turning back and I adjusted to pull my dick out of his mouth. My wood was now sticking straight out at his face and he looked up at me. I had to strain to keep from blowing all over his damn cute. He would have looked mighty hot with my load caked in his beard, but I needed some of his dick. I told him, "I need your load...all morning long I've been ready to suck the cum right out of someone dick. Looks like it's your lucky day, kiddo."
He was eager. He sat back, adjusted his ass and let his pants drop to the floor of the car. His light skin was so bright against the dirty cream-colored upholstery. His dick stood at attention...his light pink cockhead peeking out from under his foreskin. There was a little drop of precum on it and I let my tongue start there.

I love dick. I love to lick it, I love to suck it, most of all I love to work it until the whole shaft is buried in my throat and my nose is nestled in a guys pubic bush. I sucked this guy in and smashed my face into his lap. He arched his butt and put his hands on the back of my head. He let out a low "uuuuhhhh" and I took that as my cue to start pistoning my face on his cock. I love to work the entire shaft of a guys dick and I mean the whole shaft. I'm not happy if I'm not tearing up a little. I'm a hard worker and I expect my reward. The boy surprised me because when my valet started to pump his load, I was just coming up for some air. The first couple splooges hit me square in the middle of my chest (but I didn't see it). I enthusiastically ate the rest of his cum. He must have jerked five or six times. One great big tasty load!

He asked what time I'd be back to the hotel and quickly left to resume his post. I pulled my pants back up, made some adjustments and was on my way to work, his cum on my breath.
I rushed into the office, a little bit late now having spent the last 20 minutes in traffic and the 20 or so before that sucking a hot cock. Working as a consultant I have to share a conference room with a bunch of colleagues. When I walked in and sat down, the girl across from me was the first to point out that I'd spilled some coffee on my shirt. I looked down and saw a couple of streaks of jizz on my dark purple polo. I had to laugh. I think she was being nice because it certainly didn't look like coffee...especially when I had spotted a little coagulated ball of cum at the end of one of the longer streaks. I reacted by wiping my mouth to make sure I didn't have a bunch of cum on my face. The roomful of people turned to see my mess. I decided it was best to try and clean some of this up if possible. The edges of where the cum started to dry were turning a little white where it was drying.

I was a little embarrassed but a little proud at the same time. I was wearing cum like a badge of honor in plain sight and few, if any, people thought anything of it. Still I didn't want to walk around all day with a big splooge mark in the middle of my chest, so I excused myself to go to the restroom and try and clean some of it out. The building I'm working in is being abandoned to move employees to a new facility. There were hired movers taking cube walls apart and moving boxes to trucks the morning of my cum spill. I passed two movers in the hallway on my way to the bathroom. I didn't much pay attention to either of them, but did notice that one was drawn to the slick on my chest. I stepped into the washroom and started dabbing the cum with a moist paper towel. The interested mover followed me into the bathroom not long after I'd started my clean up. He was pretty tall and dressed in what looked like an aviator's flight suit. When he got himself situated in front of the urinal, he had to unzip from under his chin all the way down his broad chest and down to his crotch. I couldn't help but look...he was furry and pretty fit and clearly not wearing anything under that jumpsuit. He did catch me looking...I'm not terribly discrete in those situations. He wasn't bothered, instead he just asked, "how'd you get cum on your shirt?" Awkward pause. I laughed. "What makes you think it's cum," I asked. "I've blown a few loads on guys and it looks a lot like that," he replied completely unashamed. Another pause. "Wanna blow another?" I smiled and walked over to lock the bathroom door.

He had started stroking and his meat was growing. For the first time I noticed he was Hispanic and rather handsome. I have to admit, that bodysuit was workin' me. I loved that he was completely freeballing under that outfit and had to basically peel himself out of it to give me access to his dick and ass. I grabbed each side of that suit at the zipper and crouched down on my toes. I pulled his whole body in to my stance and slid his dick down my throat. I took my time...long, slow, full-length strokes up and down the shaft of his cock...using my throat to bring pleasure to his dick. He was about 7" and thick which meant I had to really work to get that whopper in my throat. He let his head drop back and he stared at the ceiling while I sucked him off. I kept up a steady pace of rocking him by the zipper and letting his fat dick hit the back of my throat before rocking back for another go. Just a constant pace...continuous rocking motion. It didn't take long and he looked back down into my eyes and said, "we're not going to spill any of this load this time now, are we?" He grabbed me by the ears and started to fuck my face a little faster. The pace was picking up and his dick seemed to get even harder. He growled a little quietly and his cum just started flowing like piss out of the head of his dick. I was lapping it down swallow after swallow. I "mmmmm-ed" and at the moment he finished shooting, I slide my nose down to his bush and held his cock in my throat.

All this time, I'd been stroking myself, having managed to get my dick free from my pants. I'd started cumming when he did. I shot my load all over this guys shoes. I was the one that spotted it and thought to point it out to him. "Uh-oh...looks like I'm just messy today." He grabbed me back the back of the neck and pushed my face down on his boot so I could lick my own load up off of him. "Thanks cocksucker," he said and zipped up. "See you around." I hope so.

It's just now 9:30 and I've eaten two loads plus some of my own today. I'm off to a great start.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Planet Hollywood

So I didn't go into the bathroom intended to suck cock. Honest. It's rare for me, I admit it, but I swear I only went in to pee. There's a restroom right off the Miracle Mile shops that is a pretty low traffic area. I'd been in there blowing guys before, but today I just went in to pee.

I walked in and spotted the urinal I intended to use. On my way over, this muscle jock guy flushed and walked out of a stall. I oogled him...I was probably drooling. He checked me out. I stopped in front of the urinal and unzipped. He walked over to the urinal next to me, unzipped and looked over. I don't need a lot of coaxing so I backed up slightly and let him see my dick. It was already getting hard. He had his meat in his hand and with his pants unbuttoned and his dick bobbing out, he walked back over to a stall and motioned me in. There wasn't anyone in the place...not that it would have mattered. I walked over and slid down to my knees.

He was hot. Probably about 5'10", hard body, very white smooth arms, blond hair with a bit too much mousse . He was one of those pretty jock guys that is a little too impeccably groomed to be straight. I don't mind. He had me when I spotted his biceps straining against his short sleeves. He was uncut...'bout 7", 7.5" and his dick had a slight forward curve. Not a problem to deep throat this bad boy.

I licked his piss slit. He was leaking slightly. He brought his muscled arm around the back of my head and forcefully guided me down till my nose was buried in his pubes. He moaned an, "oh shit...that feels fucking awesome." I expertly worked the length of his dick loving how the feel of his slight bend felt against the back of my throat. I cupped my hands around what felt like a beatiful ass and, as I did, he grabbed my head and began roughly fucking my face. He started to arch his back and I knew this guy was about to blow. He had no intention of letting me spill a drop and, little did he know, I didn't intend to. He tried to keep quiet but let out some sticcato exhalations, "uh...uh, uh...." He was so far down my throat I didn't even get the chance to taste him, but he was getting off on the fact that he was making some furry jock eat his jizz that I pretended to fight him to get my head free.

When he finally relaxed, I resumed a slow long suck on his now softening meat. I think it was then that he realized I wanted his load as bad as he wanted me to have it. He smiled and whispered, "fuck you're really in to that aren't you?" I didn't bother to answer, I just kept milking the last few drops of cum from his shaft.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and quickly buttoned up. I went to stand, but he put his hands on my shoulder and said, "wait...I'll be right back." With that he left the stall door to swing and walked out of the restroom.

I don't know if I thought he'd come back or not, but I was reeling a bit at my good forture and since being on my knees is such a turn on, I turned my focus to my own hard dick. I closed my eyes and began to stroke it, replaying this hot man in my mind. Not long into my solo session, I heard the restroom door open. Coming to reality I stood up and began to adjust myself in case someone walked down as far as the stall I was occupying. I was starting to zip up when I caught my muscle jock out of the corner of my eye. I turned and standing behind him were two of his friends, both massaging their crotches. My friend said, "this is the guy...he's awesome, let him blow you." I pushed my jeans to the floor and got back on my knees.

Four guys in a stall. I took turns on his buddies. Buddy number one was tall and furry. He had a ripped abdomen covered with a sexy trail of hair. That drives me wild. Buddy number two was like the first guy...smooth and muscled. His was the shortest of the cocks I sucked, but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. I really stuffed my face with that guy. I have to admit, furry gets me going and I went to town on buddy number one with all the enthusiam of a fat girl in a candy store. I think I may have been wimpering and I remember for a fact I was leaking precum all over the bathroom floor. He was about to cum and pulled out and shoved me down in the second guy. This guy was already revved up. He'd been stroking watching me work his friend and by the time I got on his bone, he was ready to blow. His eyes started to roll to the back of his head and when he went to make a move to hold my head to take his load, I gripped the front of his pants and began pumping even faster. This load I got to taste. Hot, creamy sperm...four bursts right on my tongue. He laughed in relief. The furry buddy was now close and stroking. I cleaned off his friend and looked up into his eyes and I moved to his dick. I went to throat him, but he was intent on jacking off into my face. He started to cum and the first shot hit my beard. I wasn't about to lose this guys load so I too grabbed his ass and swallowed him whole. He bucked in my mouth and pulled me closer. He smelled so fucking sexy, so masculine.

I stayed on the floor and finished jacking off looking up at these three studs. The original jock rubbed my head as if I was a good dog having just performed a trick. I'm a shooter and let my blast fly right up over my head. Before I'd finished cumming these three had cleaned up and left, complementing each other on their experience. I got to my feet, licked my own jizz off of my fingers, zipped up and went in search of a breath mint.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New cocksucker tell-all blogger...

Been a fan and follower of you hot guys for a long time. Decided to chronical my own exploits. I travel frequently for work and have an insatiable appetite for dick. I need it damn nearly everyday and am always on the lookout for a hung buddy to drain.

I've got a big dick and more often than not end up playing the top role in my 'normal' life. But when I'm on the road, I take my place on my knees and go to town to please the cock in front of me.

I love gloryholes, bath houses, groups...doesn't matter. Kinda like being watched so I don't mind a crowd and often will go in search of one because it tends to bring out the primal animal in guys and I like that.

I'm new to the whole blog idea and hope you'll bear with me, maybe comment and/or encourage me. I've got a lot to tell and hope you'll have a great time reading it. Now, slip your jeans down around your ankles, give your dick a couple of tugs, and read on...