Sunday, November 29, 2009

Planet Hollywood

So I didn't go into the bathroom intended to suck cock. Honest. It's rare for me, I admit it, but I swear I only went in to pee. There's a restroom right off the Miracle Mile shops that is a pretty low traffic area. I'd been in there blowing guys before, but today I just went in to pee.

I walked in and spotted the urinal I intended to use. On my way over, this muscle jock guy flushed and walked out of a stall. I oogled him...I was probably drooling. He checked me out. I stopped in front of the urinal and unzipped. He walked over to the urinal next to me, unzipped and looked over. I don't need a lot of coaxing so I backed up slightly and let him see my dick. It was already getting hard. He had his meat in his hand and with his pants unbuttoned and his dick bobbing out, he walked back over to a stall and motioned me in. There wasn't anyone in the place...not that it would have mattered. I walked over and slid down to my knees.

He was hot. Probably about 5'10", hard body, very white smooth arms, blond hair with a bit too much mousse . He was one of those pretty jock guys that is a little too impeccably groomed to be straight. I don't mind. He had me when I spotted his biceps straining against his short sleeves. He was uncut...'bout 7", 7.5" and his dick had a slight forward curve. Not a problem to deep throat this bad boy.

I licked his piss slit. He was leaking slightly. He brought his muscled arm around the back of my head and forcefully guided me down till my nose was buried in his pubes. He moaned an, "oh shit...that feels fucking awesome." I expertly worked the length of his dick loving how the feel of his slight bend felt against the back of my throat. I cupped my hands around what felt like a beatiful ass and, as I did, he grabbed my head and began roughly fucking my face. He started to arch his back and I knew this guy was about to blow. He had no intention of letting me spill a drop and, little did he know, I didn't intend to. He tried to keep quiet but let out some sticcato exhalations, "uh...uh, uh...." He was so far down my throat I didn't even get the chance to taste him, but he was getting off on the fact that he was making some furry jock eat his jizz that I pretended to fight him to get my head free.

When he finally relaxed, I resumed a slow long suck on his now softening meat. I think it was then that he realized I wanted his load as bad as he wanted me to have it. He smiled and whispered, "fuck you're really in to that aren't you?" I didn't bother to answer, I just kept milking the last few drops of cum from his shaft.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and quickly buttoned up. I went to stand, but he put his hands on my shoulder and said, "wait...I'll be right back." With that he left the stall door to swing and walked out of the restroom.

I don't know if I thought he'd come back or not, but I was reeling a bit at my good forture and since being on my knees is such a turn on, I turned my focus to my own hard dick. I closed my eyes and began to stroke it, replaying this hot man in my mind. Not long into my solo session, I heard the restroom door open. Coming to reality I stood up and began to adjust myself in case someone walked down as far as the stall I was occupying. I was starting to zip up when I caught my muscle jock out of the corner of my eye. I turned and standing behind him were two of his friends, both massaging their crotches. My friend said, "this is the guy...he's awesome, let him blow you." I pushed my jeans to the floor and got back on my knees.

Four guys in a stall. I took turns on his buddies. Buddy number one was tall and furry. He had a ripped abdomen covered with a sexy trail of hair. That drives me wild. Buddy number two was like the first guy...smooth and muscled. His was the shortest of the cocks I sucked, but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. I really stuffed my face with that guy. I have to admit, furry gets me going and I went to town on buddy number one with all the enthusiam of a fat girl in a candy store. I think I may have been wimpering and I remember for a fact I was leaking precum all over the bathroom floor. He was about to cum and pulled out and shoved me down in the second guy. This guy was already revved up. He'd been stroking watching me work his friend and by the time I got on his bone, he was ready to blow. His eyes started to roll to the back of his head and when he went to make a move to hold my head to take his load, I gripped the front of his pants and began pumping even faster. This load I got to taste. Hot, creamy sperm...four bursts right on my tongue. He laughed in relief. The furry buddy was now close and stroking. I cleaned off his friend and looked up into his eyes and I moved to his dick. I went to throat him, but he was intent on jacking off into my face. He started to cum and the first shot hit my beard. I wasn't about to lose this guys load so I too grabbed his ass and swallowed him whole. He bucked in my mouth and pulled me closer. He smelled so fucking sexy, so masculine.

I stayed on the floor and finished jacking off looking up at these three studs. The original jock rubbed my head as if I was a good dog having just performed a trick. I'm a shooter and let my blast fly right up over my head. Before I'd finished cumming these three had cleaned up and left, complementing each other on their experience. I got to my feet, licked my own jizz off of my fingers, zipped up and went in search of a breath mint.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New cocksucker tell-all blogger...

Been a fan and follower of you hot guys for a long time. Decided to chronical my own exploits. I travel frequently for work and have an insatiable appetite for dick. I need it damn nearly everyday and am always on the lookout for a hung buddy to drain.

I've got a big dick and more often than not end up playing the top role in my 'normal' life. But when I'm on the road, I take my place on my knees and go to town to please the cock in front of me.

I love gloryholes, bath houses, groups...doesn't matter. Kinda like being watched so I don't mind a crowd and often will go in search of one because it tends to bring out the primal animal in guys and I like that.

I'm new to the whole blog idea and hope you'll bear with me, maybe comment and/or encourage me. I've got a lot to tell and hope you'll have a great time reading it. Now, slip your jeans down around your ankles, give your dick a couple of tugs, and read on...