Friday, December 2, 2011

Lunch w/ Mike

If you're like me, when you get a little cum in your belly, you just can't get it off of your mind and you gotta get more. That's how today was for me. I woke up with dick on my brain and went through the motions all morning until I could escape from the office and park myself at the local suck shack. I debated some over where I would look for dick today. There's a spot that is regularly visited by the hot jock types with some glory holes, but I really wasn't looking for that today. Another spot, the spot where I ended up, you pay your 10 bucks and have free run of the back room without having to feed coins or worry about some attendant walking in on you with your pants pushed to the floor and some strangers dick in your mouth. The place is really hit and miss. When it's good it's real fuckin' good and when it's bad, I leave with a sore dick after stroking it so hard in anticipation of it eventually gettin' good. Today is was real fuckin' good.

The place opens at noon and I've been the first one through the door before. I don't mind waiting. In fact I like the feeling of anticipation if I have to wait a bit. I walked in, surveyed the movies playing, and settled on a booth with some hardcore, bareback leather action happening. I stripped down to my jock and tennis shoes, piled my clothes up on the cleanest spot I could find on the floor. I had my poppers in hand and began massaging my dick as I watched some guy on the TV get fisted and blown by another guy. It never takes very long.

I always jump a little when I hear the rickety turn-style announce the entrance of another customer. The venue is set up with a theatre-style room right up front and a long hallway of individual booths adjacent to that. I had positioned myself about half way down the hallway so I could hear the sound of approaching footsteps. When the guy got closer, I drop to my signal I'm there to suck cock. I always stop guys in their tracks when the first see me. It takes a certain amount of guts to strip down in a place like this and dudes are always caught off guard when they see me. This guy was no exception.

He was kinda frumpy, mid 40's, not much of a looker. When he saw me there on the floor his hand went to his dick and he started feeling his cock through his pants. Hmm, I thought, he isn't really the kind of guy I was after...I hoped something better would soon come along.

A few minutes later I heard the turn-style welcome another man. This was was even older...late 50's or early 60's I guessed. He too was impressed with my eagerness and started to stroke his dick through his pants. This guy, however, obviously had a big piece of meat so he had my full attention. I motioned him in with my head and he closed the booth door behind him. I pawed at his pants and felt a hefty piece of dick in there. He was only too eager to oblige me with it. Thick and uncut. I was hooked. I made a move to lick the tip but he pulled away and said he only wanted to jack off. I would have been easily bored by that, but it was pretty soon made clear that he would bend the rules for me. He kept his dick right in front of my face and would tease me with it...pulling away every time I tried to make a move for it. Eventually, I got my tongue on the tip...then a little farther...and then farther. He was getting into it now too. He taunted me asking me how much I wanted his big Italian dick. Being the polite military brat, I replied "Yes Sir" to all of his inquiries...even when he asked if I wanted to eat his load.

He grabbed the back of my head and proudly fucked my face. He forcibly worked my mouth and kept telling me that my pussy mouth felt so good and that he would be giving me his load. As he approached cumin, he'd stop and pull away and then just jack off again. I would then work it back into my mouth taking great pains to first slide my dick between his cock and foreskin...he really loved that. Soon he was oozing precut and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I waited until I heard his breath started to get louder and before he could pull away, I slid my arms under his legs and up to cup his ass in my palms. When he tried to pull out, I held him in place and, though he struggled, I was strong enough to keep his dick in my mouth as I brought him to climax. He was loud and kept yelling, "Oh fuck, oh fuck that's good...take it, take my load."

Mike was up next. He was positioned right outside the door when my Italian daddy zipped up and left. He grinned seeing me on my knees, my dick bouncing up out the side of my jock. "Nice" he said entering the booth without waiting for an invitation. He had me at "nice". This guy was tall, bald head, great build...I guessed in his mid 40's. He locked the door and reached down to help me to my feet. He gently but strongly pushed me against the wall and planted a kiss on my mouth. His tongue darted past my teeth and he was hell bent on sticking it down my throat. He was a decent kisser. As we made out, he started unbuttoning his shirt. As fun as this was, I wasn't sure I wanted it to continue until I reached down to cup his crotch and felt a big fatty in his slacks. He freed the beast and it bobbed out in front of me a solid 8 inches. "Fuck yes!" I thought...really just what I was after.

I managed to escape from his lip lock and position myself so that his dick was at eye level. I took a hit of poppers and started to work the end of his cock. This was a nice piece of meat and I wanted to take my time. When a guy's got a big dick, I don't like to take it all down at once. I like to make then think maybe I can' only get a third or a half of it in my mouth. Then I go for it and fuck if that always doesn't make an impression. Mike was very easily stimulated and he would get close and then pull away to keep from coming. Again I would go in and suck the head and slowly make my way down until I was throating the length of his dick and he'd again...pull away to prolong his orgasm. I edged him for nearly 40 minutes with occasional breaks during which he blew me.

We'd make out, takes turns sucking each other cocks. Finally, while we were making out and I held his rock hard boner in my hand, I looked him dead in the eyes and told him I wanted his cum. He made a noise like he was catching his breath, his eyes rolled a bit to the back of his head, and he started shooting long, hot volleys of cum all over my furry chest and abs. I had to laugh, I could feel he was close, but I didn't expect me being so direct would make him cum right there on the spot. Being the hot man that he was...he surprised me with his next move.

After the waves of pleasure shook from his body, he knelt down and started licking his load off my body. He did a really thorough job, lovingly licking up every last drop. Then he stood up and leaned in for another deep kiss...only this time he had his hot load still in his mouth. I opened my mouth and he tongued me, feeding me his load that he'd just licked up. We made out for several minutes making sure I got every bit of it. I found this so hot that I ended up shooting my load onto myself, some landing on my shoulder. Mike then licked up every last drop of my cum and savored it for himself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Portland

I was desperate for some cock, but it was the middle of the afternoon. Not exactly a good time to go in search of a busy glory hole. There are times these places are busy and this wasn't one of them. I pondered going to the gym, but again…not likely the usual flow of hot-bodied jocks looking to show off their chiseled physiques at this time of the day. I checked my usual list of online hookup sites and each was more pathetic than the last. What's a cocksucker to do?

Half joking, I muttered to myself that I was so freakin' horny that maybe I'd go the the seedy Portland theatre. This is one of those old, adult theaters that swingers take their wives to and push them off on other men. I wondered whether a fag like me could get in on any of that action. The thought of having to fuck a woman wasn't too off-putting but what if I couldn't get what I was really after…her husband creamy load? I decided to risk it. Chances are the place would be empty like every other sex venue and I wouldn't have to deal with it, but…when you gotta get off, your dick calls the shots.

I left my hotel and walked the couple of blocks down to the Portland. In that part of town, people walk fast and don't much try to meet your eye on the street. I was watching as I approached and only saw single guys going in…this could be better than I thought. I entered the theater. The fat man behind the ticket booth looked at me as if I were the last pork chop on Earth. 

"What can I do YOU for?" he asked and I think I threw up in my mouth a little. 

"I'm looking to get into the theater here," I said, trying not to be too cocky. 

"Usually guys don't come in by themselves," he said and added, "…usually guys bring their girl friends along, if you know what I mean?" 

"Um, yea…I know what you mean, that's why I'm here. My girl friend is meeting me here. I just arrived first." I lied but what's with the twenty questions anyway?

I paid my admission and walked down the filthy hallway to the double doors that lead to the back. When I entered, the only light in the place was coming from the movie on the screen. Old, shitty, grainy black and white movie. The only thing redeeming about it was that it was 70's porn and I think cheesy 70's porn is hilarious. It took my eyes several minutes to adjust. I could sense movement but my eyes couldn't make out anything but shadows for what seemed like forever. Once I'd become used to the dark. I started to see movement…activity. There was a heavy, reddish curtain on the wall to my left about half way down the aisle. That obviously let to some place more private. I could see a mattress raised up on a large pedestal to my right…and the rest of the room was comprised of mismatched furniture…ugly sofas, chairs and stained mattresses.

When I was able to focus on people, I began to notice that the only people here were single guys. I laughed to myself…that fat fuck didn't berate anyone else about bringing their girl friend?

As I looked around, guys were sitting spaced out, dicks in hand stroking off to the movie. There were a few guys in relatively close proximity, but they didn't appear to be cruising one another. I was wrong.

I decided I would like to take my chances behind the curtain first…after all, no sense bringing attention to myself if it turned out that fags weren't welcome!

Behind the curtain was a tiny room. No more than 5 seats crammed in an L-shape faced a TV that was so old the picture was green. When I walked in, the only guy in the room quickly covered his open pants with his sweater. From the look on his face, he was pretty close to blowing his load before I walked in on him. He was handsome…from what I could see. Nearly bald, stubbly head with a full blond bear. I couldn't really get a look at his body, but his face was cute. What kind of straight guy has that kind of look? I was almost 100% sure he was gay. One way to find out.

I turn to the TV and grab my crotch. I say something stupid about how I really like this movie and when I turn to look at the dude, he just nods. He's not looking at me, but instead is staring at my crotch which I've not stopped rubbing through my pants. I unzip and pull out my growing stuffy and start stroking it out in the open. He's fixated. I let my pants drop and now my dick is bouncing free with a full view to anyone who wanted to watch. The guy is still staring but doesn't speak. I turn to look at the TV so he can have some privacy checking me out.

"Fuck I need some head, you know what I mean? I thought there'd be some willing pussy here but…" I trail off. He still doesn't say anything but he's managed to start stroking his dick under his sweater again. I get bold. 

"You like my dick, don't you?" That gets his attention, he looks up at me but is still too paralyzed to answer. I taunt him with it. I'm rock hard now and I smack it in my palm so it make a loud crack. I then slide on over now so I'm standing in front of him, completely blocking the TV. He moans. Dead give away. 

"Don't be shy…" I let my dick bob freely in front of him and fold my arms across my chest. He licks his lips. I then say, "you need a little help?" and I reach around the back of his head with my left hand slowly and gently pull his head to my cock. He resists for a millisecond, but easily succumbs. 

He starts blowing me and immediately loses his inhibitions. He's moaning now loudly…as if he'd been starved and was now invited to a Thanksgiving dinner. He put his hands on my hips, gently pushed me back and slid down to the floor onto his knees. He sucked me good. I knew this guy would know how to give head. He was sucking me and quietly behind me out of the corner of my eye I saw the curtain move. Another dude came in and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, stood next to me to watch this dude suck my cock.

When my sucker noticed this new guy, he stopped and sat back up.

"What's the matter, faggot? This guy here wants his turn too, " I said. Neither one spoke but their eyes confirmed I had a least guessed right. The cocksucker got back on his knees and started working me again, this time with the added delight of being watched. I tugged the zipper down on my voyeur and released his big piece of meat. I stroked it in my hand and decided that this was one dick I wasn't willing to share.

The head bobbing on my cock had settled into a good rhythm and would soon make me cum if I didn't stop him. I pulled out of his face and myself got down on my knees to suck the new guy. His dick was hefty. It felt big in my hand but up close just millimeters from my nose it was a lot bigger. Took my throat a few tries to be able to accommodate the whole thing, but soon he was face fucking me good.

My cocksucker laid down on the cum-covered floor and maneuvered to be able to suck me again. The dick in my mouth started to spurt and my buddy grabbed my head with both hands and choked me ensuring that I wouldn't spill one drop. Didn't take me long to unload either. My jizz sprayed across the face of my cocksucker and the shoes of the other dude. Seems a pity to have wasted it.

I spent the next hour or so just hanging out in that small room as, one-by-one each guy eventually came in to relieve his nut. I never did see a girl grace that place. I can't imagine that one would want to, but for a seedy, public cocksucker like me…I like those dirty kind of places and the men that shoot there.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rich (part 1)

By the time I got to college, I was doing guys on a regular basis. If I wasn't skipping class to suck cock in the sauna at the rec center, I was cruising bathrooms and glory holes all over campus. I was an equal opportunity cocksucker and just about anyone had a chance with me. That said, I was always stealthy in my sneaking around. While I was certainly the man-whore on campus, I didn't want that reputation necessarily. I was a rather visible member of one of the universities sports teams. I always felt like the only guy on the team that had this obsession with dick. None of the other guys appeared gay to me, the time...I hadn't admitted that to myself either.

One weekend afternoon, I was stroking my dick in the basement bathroom of the Modern Language Building. The bathroom was notorious for gay activity and I was bored and had nothing better to do. I had taken my pants off completely and slipped my tank over my, aside from my sneakers, I was totally naked. I had been edging for close to an hour. My dick was painfully hard now and I'd been working it pretty hard eating my own drops of precum out of my dick slit. I was close to wasting my load by blowing all over my furry chest when I heard the outer bathroom door open. Ah ha! Chances were good that the guy coming in was a faggot, maybe I wouldn't have to make myself cum after all.

The guy walked in quickly and took the stall directly opposite mine. It's an interesting placement. I mean, had he taken the stall next to me, we could have played a little footsie and then either of us might have stuck our dick under the partition while the other ate some cum. To sit across from me meant we'd have a perfect view of one another once we'd figured each other out and opened our doors. It always took longer, but I was up for it.

A few minutes passed and we each reassured the other that in fact we were there for the same thing. I needed to cum and so, to get this party moving along, I was the first to open the stall door given the guy opposite me a view of my naked, furry body, legs spread wide and me stroking my rock hard cock. I sat back, acting a little coy, and stroked my meat. I like showing off but though I could see the guy peeping at me through the crack of his stall, he hadn't yet made a move. I had a momentary wave of panic. Why wasn't this guy jacking off with me? Then the door creaked open and sitting across from me was one of my teammates. My heart was pounding in my chest. I feared being caught, but he had his pants down around his furry legs and he too was stroking his dick.

We sat there stunned looking at each others dicks. I had no idea that Rich was gay. I swear he had a girl friend or at least a steady stream of dates. I liked the meat between his legs and I could tell by the look on his face that he was into mine. Just then, the outer bathroom door opened again. Quickly and silently we each closed our stall doors. The guy entering bent down to check out the shoes under the stalls. He correctly spotted that I didn't have any pants on and so he sat into the stall right next time mine. Aw, shit! I'm all for three-ways but I was totally getting off on the idea of getting closer one-on-one with Rich. Fuck! The few times I'd seen him shirtless at practice I had to keep myself from staring. He had a great physique. His stomach was completely smooth which showed off his abs but his beefy pecs were covered in thick fur in the shape of a V. I was always afraid he might catch me checking him out. But now it looked as if I were going to have to share him.

Across from me I heard the toilet flush and Rich fumbled with his pants to exit the bathroom. I decided I would get dressed and see if I couldn't catch up with him. When I left the bathroom, the halls were clear of people. Damn, he'd left in a hurry. Maybe he wasn't interested after all, I thought. I heard, "Psst!" coming from the dark classroom next to the bathroom. I entered the classroom without turning on the light. Rich put his arm around me and said, "follow me up to the third floor where we can have some privacy."

I followed him up to the third floor, giving him a 3 minute lead. Rich was standing in the middle of the bathroom, completely naked when I arrived.

I knew we would meet up again. Though we weren't close, we now had something in common and each had something the other wanted.

I stripped my pants off again and opened the stall door. The unwanted guest from downstairs stepped out of his stall and peeked into mine. I roughly grabbed him around the collar and tossed him down to the floor. I proceeded to savagely fuck his mouth, making him gag and spit up all over himself. I grabbed his head and pounded my meat down his throat. He would choke and try to push me off of his face, but I would not relent. I came shooting my load all over his face and shirt all the while thinking of Rich. When I'd finished, I grabbed my pants, pushed the guy aside, and left the bathroom with him still kneeling in a pool of cum.

How would I make my next move with Rich?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Going Down

I work in a very large, very conservative, financial services company. I recently paid a visit to headquarters in Manhattan. The HQ is one of the higher skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan and I usually setup camp on the 50th floor close to some colleagues I work with. Seeing all of the businessmen in their shirts and ties really gets me going. Something about being able to identify a jock's nice frame while fully clothed makes me fantasize about how exciting it would be to grab one by the tie and pull him on for a long kiss.

On one particular morning, I found myself waiting longer than usual in the lobby to catch an elevator up to 50. The people were collecting in front of the elevator doors to push in front of others that were there earlier. There was no shortage of handsome guys.

A ding directly behind me signaled the arrival of an elevator. I stepped in, pushed 50 and stepped all the way to the back. A flood of people crowded in and we were standing very close. I became aware of the guy in front of me almost immediately. Nearly bald head, masculine frame. He was impeccably dressed and smelled delicious, not sure of his cologne. I inhaled deeply to take in his essence. Shortly after the doors closed and the elevator began to rise, I felt the brush of a hand across the front of my trousers. My dick jumped at the attention. I didn't think much of it until the hand came back and this time zeroed in on my wood. There was no mistaking the fingers wrapping around my boner and giving them an intent squeeze. My initial reaction was, "what the Hell just happened?" It wasn't totally clear to me who had done it. When it happened again, I saw the hand connected to the guy standing directly in front of me. All I could see of this guy was the back of his shaved head. With him so close, I inhaled his smell and let out an approving sigh.

There were so many people crammed into this small space that no one was the wiser what was going on. He gently rocked standing in front of me which caused my dick to slide up and down the crack of his ass. I was completely hard by now and a little turned on by the fact this was all happening with someone I couldn't identify as I'd never seen his face!

When we'd reached the upper floors and people started exiting there was more space, but my elevator buddy stayed firmly glued to the front of my crotch. I had already decided that I would exit wherever this guy was getting off. On my floor, 50, the doors opened but nobody moved. The man in front of me again squeezed my cock as if to say, "don't go yet."

On 53 the guy made a move and half turned speaking directly to me, "this is us!" I smile and we exited, me close behind him.

The dude was sexy. Shaved head, stubbly blond beard and piercing blue eyes. I would totally have been in to him had I seen him first! He no longer paid any attention to me, but silently lead me into the office and down the hallway. I followed obediently. We walked all the way down the length of the hallway to the corner office. He stepped in and when I followed, he closed and locked the door behind me.

As soon as the door latched, this guy was on his knees unzipping my pants. No asking me if I wanted head. No "how do you do? What's your name?" He knew what he wanted and he was going for it. I like that in a guy. He was straight to the point. He swallowed me to the hilt right from the get-go. I felt waves of bliss wash over my body as the guy worshipped my dick. He teased the Hell out of me. Working my cock all the way to the base with his mouth, he would whimper like he'd been deprived of dick for days. Then he'd send me into convulsions by jacking my dick while he blew me...that added hand action is the quick path to my spraying his tonsils with my load. The guy was eager and he worked me intently for 20 or so minutes. Every time I would get close, he'd back off slightly so as not to rush me to orgasm. Truth be told, I would have loved him to let me cum. I left without touching myself this morning and my dick wasn't at all happy about the snub.

The only words he'd say, "Are you ready to feed me your big load?" were met with my equally short, emphatic reply, "Fuck yeah!"

He went crazy. He cupped my ass with both hands and started pistoning his face up and down the shaft of my cock. A hard, very audible cum was now inevitable. I swear I almost lost my balance as every muscle in my body started to quake. This man wanted it and he wanted it bad. I tried to maintain a bit of decorum, but my grunts grew louder as I shot volley after volley of hot jizz down this bald cocksucker's throat. I had to brace myself on this hunk's shoulders to keep from falling over.

Slowly I regained my balance, my vision and my composure. What happened next, sent my mind into sexual overdrive for the remainder of the day. My assailant stood up and unbuttoned his pants. He grabbed a handful of slobber from my cock and proceeded to dump a hefty load of his own into my briefs as they lay there circling my ankles. Staring directly into my eyes, he shot off without so much as a peep.

I had to laugh. Not a paper towel in sight, I had no choice but to button up with this studs spunk now seeping around my nuts and into the crack of my ass. We smiled. I left without thanking him, but not before using his tie to wipe off the last little bit of my cum from his chin.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Amsterdam Box

My first recollection was that it was dark and that I couldn't move. I struggled to move my arms but restraints held my wrists in place. Further struggling would reveal restraints around my ankles, chest and forehead. "Where the fuck am I?" I wondered, half out loud.

Last I remember I was boozing it up with a handsome attorney I'd met cruising the courthouse bathrooms. We decided to grab a drink and he'd asked me whether I'd ever been to a Dungeon Party and if I knew what an Amsterdam Box was. Sure I'd been passed around at lots of leather parties but I admit the Amsterdam Box was completely foreign to me. The next thing I knew the room starts spinning and I was blacking out.

Holy shit! I've been drugged! A momentary wave of panic overcame me. I've been in sticky situations before, but to come to completely immobilized in the dark makes it harder to defend oneself should the need arise. I'm alert now and start to become aware of my surroundings.

Not only is it dark. It's pitch black. Also, I'm not in a dark room. I may be restrained but I am aware I am closely contained in a box. This revelation comes to me when I struggle to move my head and bump my nose on a flat surface directly in front of me. Wildly wiggling my fingers, I scratch a wooden surface...a wall in front of me.

Suddenly I'm awash in a wave of nausea. I can't perceive whether I am standing or lying flat and the uncertainty of it makes me dizzy. It's only when I relax and breathe that I can feel gravity and deduce that I am standing though restrained against a wall, in a box.

Again, the gravity of my situation starts to sink in and I'm feeling a bit that I may be in for more than I can handle. Then I hear snickering. Outside of the box, I'm not alone. I strive to figure out how many people are outside. Do I yell for help?

Before I have a chance to settle on my next move, a panel slides to the right in front of my face. I am blinded by what strikes me as the brightest light. A complete stranger stares at me as I wince to make out his face. I don't recognize this person. From what I can see, he's decked out in leather, has a goatee and is quite handsome. "He's coming around," he says. The attorney walks into my field of vision and looks directly in my eyes and says, "Now you'll know what it feels like to be in an Amsterdam Box." The door in front of my eyes closes shut, but another in front of my crotch opens.

I'm naked. I'm suddenly aware of this fact and find it funny it didn't dawn on me until just now. A hand reaches in and fondles my dick. I start to get hard. A hand, obviously masculine, tugs at my dick. The guy plants a kiss on the head of my cock and I throb in response. Then I feel waves of excruciating pain as the guy attaches clothes pins to my ball sack. Several clamps bite down on my nuts and waves of agony wash over me. I am almost blinded with pain and think I'm close to vomiting on myself in the box. "Aww, he doesn't like it, his boner went away," a new voice said from outside the box. I make audible sounds of
distress, but don't scream out for fear that the torture will get worse.

One by one the clamps come off, though the pain and nausea linger. Another panel opens in front of my chest and the clamps are affixed to my nipples. It's painful, but bearable compares to my nuts. My nipples are hard-wired to my dick and my bone reemerges in full force.

I feel someone go down on me. Warm, wet breathe circles my dick and is followed by a man's lips sucking my cock. I'm sure it's a dude because I can feel the tickling of his mustache on my wet shaft. I'm in pain and ecstasy in the same moment. The rhythmic sucking on my shaft keeps edging me closer and closer to climax, but just before the point of no return, the cocksucker eases off and leaves me hanging. "Let me suck it," another one says and then another, and another. Mouth after mouth take turns on my pole. Some are experts, some rake me with their teeth, but I am helpless to protest.

I hear another panel slide open but I am momentarily unaware of its location. A lubed up finger pushes into my ass but only long enough to leave some grease in my hole. A hard dick pushes against my shitter and the little bit of slickness makes it easy for this man to enter my butthole.

I can't fucking move. Instinctively I want to bend forward to provide more direct access to my ass, but I am rigidly bound to standing straight up in this box. A mouth expertly sucks my dick while some guy invades my guts. I feel weak having to maintain this position, but I've no choice.

Mouth after mouth worked my dick and I blew several loads that night. Similarly, dicks took turns polluting my ass with loads of hot spunk which ran down my legs. When I was eventually extracted from the box, I was exhausted and sore from head to toe. A troll-like Dungeon Master named Dave was the man kind enough to release me. He owned the house where the party was held and the Box was kept. He rubbed my muscles and aches a little before helping me to a shower where I could clean up and poop out
what felt like a gallon of jizz from my ass.

Where did you find this amazing box I finally asked? The answer was Amsterdam, as you probably have guessed. How long was I in there? "Close to 4 hours," he replied. "It felt like longer," I said which I guess happens when you're almost totally sensory deprived.

I wish I'd gotten to blow some of these guys, I mumbled to myself. "Oh you will, we've another party on Friday and then fresh meat will be in the Box." I almost wished it were me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've this friend, Tucker, and I trust him completely. We met on a hookup site and became fast friends. It's not often I connect with someone in that way. My intention was only to worship his cock and send him on his way. When we played for the first time, we hung out for a bit after and from that moment on, he was what you would consider a friend with (great) benefits.

Tucker was a hair over six foot tall. His tall and lean frame are covered with the lightest blond hair. All that light peach fuzz on his body just made me crazy when I first laid eyes on him. He was a bit older than me, perhaps 10 years and I always suspected he was married, though we never did get too personal. He would come over to my house, put me through my paces, and then he'd either leave immediately after or spend the whole afternoon with me just lounging around naked. He was just so sexy to be around that I rather liked when he would stay and I would just soak in his good looks.

Tucker had a bent side which I loved. He would often suggest that I should be naked and blindfolded waiting on my knees. I'm totally into that and, like I said, I totally trusted him so I was happy to oblige. The first time he made this suggestion, I was cleaned and ready with one of my neck ties around my head covering my eyes. He came in, was completely silent and our afternoon began by him smacking my face with his cock and pushing his dick into my mouth. I swear, the idea of being made to submit this way with my senses deprived was intense and from the very beginning of our playtime I was leaking precum without even touching myself. I sucked on his thick dick and occasionally he would stick a bottle of poppers under my nose for me to whiff. It drove me crazy. That afternoon he bound up my nuts with rope and held them like a leash. I willingly let him tie me down and he affixed plastic clamps to my nipples which hurt like a mother fucker, but I was too aroused to protest. He took turns sodomizing me with a dildo and then fucking me raw with his own cock. I would writhe and struggle against the restraints but I was really enjoying every minute of it. Later he would remove the blindfold and we would make out...but he wouldn't untie me until he'd fucked me as much as he'd wanted and then he'd make me clean off his dick by shoving it in my mouth. When he'd untie me and leave, I would always have to jack off again recalling what had just happened to me. He was just such a hot, intense fuck, that I wanted to relive it over and over.

On a visit not unlike any other, Tucker called me up to make plans. He again gave me instructions to be on my knees, naked and blindfolded. I was primed and ready. When he arrived he instructed me to bend over the bed. He proceeded to tie my legs apart, leaving my ass free for a pummeling. He spread my arms apart, and immobilized me by anchoring them mouth open for assault from the front. He poppered me up like normal and began feeding me his dick. I worked his cock, nursing it to be good and hard for when he'd fuck me. More poppers, more cock. I was lost in a fog with Tucker's hand on the back of my head pushing his dick into my throat. I felt a finger lubing up my ass and then his tongue found it's way to my hole. Oh fuck, I've got a dick down my throat and he's tonguing my ass. I love that. Next I felt a mouth on my dick. I was in sensory overload. I felt good all over. I was suddenly perplexed, how could Tucker be in all these places at the same time? I was drunk on poppers and the cock pounding my throat didn't allow me to ask or protest. I began to concentrate and realized that we were not alone. My realization was confirmed when I felt a cock press up against my ass. Tucker, or at least I thought it was Tucker, was face-fucking me and now a new dick was forcing it's way into my gut...and still someone was blowing me. I'm completely turned on and completely unable to fight off these invaders, even if I had wanted to.  I winced in a little pain as this dick pushed past my sphincter. This one's big, I thought, but blindfolded it's hard to know as everything seemed bigger. These two guys were making out and pumping in and out of my mouth and ass. They're synchronized and I feel like I've got 16" in me at the same time.  Finally someone spoke, "think he's loosened up enough?" I don't recognize the voice but in a silent reply the big dick in my ass pulls out and another takes its place. Who is this, I think but it hardly matters. I was powerless against these guys using me and filling me full of poppers.  Still blindfolded, dick after dick took turns fucking my ass and mouth. I was sweaty and exhausted from the workout. I'd cum myself by then two or three times by someone tenderizing my load pooled on the carpet between my stretched out legs.

When the ambush ended only Tucker was left to untie me and remove the blindfold. He cleaned me tenderly and massaged my aching muscles having held the same position for such an extended period of time.  "What the Hell just happened?" I asked once I'd had a moment to recover.  Tucker grinned and said, "I was talking with some of my closer friends about how I never get any at home and how I'd formed this friendship with you to get my needs met. They commented how lucky I was, but didn't want to be caught or recognized for doing anything with another guy. I cooked up this ambush  so we could all have a little fun. I knew you'd be into it and these guys totally got off on you not knowing. It was a win-win. Don't worry, you were completely safe. I wouldn't let anything happen to my number one cocksucker."

He left and, like I always do, I jacked off another load remembering what I could about what just happened. I ended up cumming thinking about the fact that there are guys out there that have fucked me and I would never be able to recognize them.