Monday, July 25, 2011

Rich (part 1)

By the time I got to college, I was doing guys on a regular basis. If I wasn't skipping class to suck cock in the sauna at the rec center, I was cruising bathrooms and glory holes all over campus. I was an equal opportunity cocksucker and just about anyone had a chance with me. That said, I was always stealthy in my sneaking around. While I was certainly the man-whore on campus, I didn't want that reputation necessarily. I was a rather visible member of one of the universities sports teams. I always felt like the only guy on the team that had this obsession with dick. None of the other guys appeared gay to me, the time...I hadn't admitted that to myself either.

One weekend afternoon, I was stroking my dick in the basement bathroom of the Modern Language Building. The bathroom was notorious for gay activity and I was bored and had nothing better to do. I had taken my pants off completely and slipped my tank over my, aside from my sneakers, I was totally naked. I had been edging for close to an hour. My dick was painfully hard now and I'd been working it pretty hard eating my own drops of precum out of my dick slit. I was close to wasting my load by blowing all over my furry chest when I heard the outer bathroom door open. Ah ha! Chances were good that the guy coming in was a faggot, maybe I wouldn't have to make myself cum after all.

The guy walked in quickly and took the stall directly opposite mine. It's an interesting placement. I mean, had he taken the stall next to me, we could have played a little footsie and then either of us might have stuck our dick under the partition while the other ate some cum. To sit across from me meant we'd have a perfect view of one another once we'd figured each other out and opened our doors. It always took longer, but I was up for it.

A few minutes passed and we each reassured the other that in fact we were there for the same thing. I needed to cum and so, to get this party moving along, I was the first to open the stall door given the guy opposite me a view of my naked, furry body, legs spread wide and me stroking my rock hard cock. I sat back, acting a little coy, and stroked my meat. I like showing off but though I could see the guy peeping at me through the crack of his stall, he hadn't yet made a move. I had a momentary wave of panic. Why wasn't this guy jacking off with me? Then the door creaked open and sitting across from me was one of my teammates. My heart was pounding in my chest. I feared being caught, but he had his pants down around his furry legs and he too was stroking his dick.

We sat there stunned looking at each others dicks. I had no idea that Rich was gay. I swear he had a girl friend or at least a steady stream of dates. I liked the meat between his legs and I could tell by the look on his face that he was into mine. Just then, the outer bathroom door opened again. Quickly and silently we each closed our stall doors. The guy entering bent down to check out the shoes under the stalls. He correctly spotted that I didn't have any pants on and so he sat into the stall right next time mine. Aw, shit! I'm all for three-ways but I was totally getting off on the idea of getting closer one-on-one with Rich. Fuck! The few times I'd seen him shirtless at practice I had to keep myself from staring. He had a great physique. His stomach was completely smooth which showed off his abs but his beefy pecs were covered in thick fur in the shape of a V. I was always afraid he might catch me checking him out. But now it looked as if I were going to have to share him.

Across from me I heard the toilet flush and Rich fumbled with his pants to exit the bathroom. I decided I would get dressed and see if I couldn't catch up with him. When I left the bathroom, the halls were clear of people. Damn, he'd left in a hurry. Maybe he wasn't interested after all, I thought. I heard, "Psst!" coming from the dark classroom next to the bathroom. I entered the classroom without turning on the light. Rich put his arm around me and said, "follow me up to the third floor where we can have some privacy."

I followed him up to the third floor, giving him a 3 minute lead. Rich was standing in the middle of the bathroom, completely naked when I arrived.

I knew we would meet up again. Though we weren't close, we now had something in common and each had something the other wanted.

I stripped my pants off again and opened the stall door. The unwanted guest from downstairs stepped out of his stall and peeked into mine. I roughly grabbed him around the collar and tossed him down to the floor. I proceeded to savagely fuck his mouth, making him gag and spit up all over himself. I grabbed his head and pounded my meat down his throat. He would choke and try to push me off of his face, but I would not relent. I came shooting my load all over his face and shirt all the while thinking of Rich. When I'd finished, I grabbed my pants, pushed the guy aside, and left the bathroom with him still kneeling in a pool of cum.

How would I make my next move with Rich?

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