Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Gym Fucker

I belong to a pretty well-established, nationally recognized gym. It's not a stellar experience in most locations, but they have a few nice branches which tend to be the newer ones that are modern and well-maintained. My hometown gym is not one of the nicer places. It's a decent size, spread out over a couple floors, but has generally older equipment and is in a general state of neglect. I belong to this gym because I travel so much it's important to be able to access this chain on the road and, here at home, since there are far nicer places one can work out, it tends not to be terribly busy. I generally have no trouble going anytime of the day and getting in a decent workout without having to wait for or fight over machines.

Another reason my gym suits my needs is that there really are a lot of hot men that go there. And, moreover, I seldom, if ever, have to go without some sexual release as the steam room, sauna, and shower area are generally rampant with guys stroking their cocks, showing off their physiques, or stealing the occasional blatant fuck right in the middle of the place. Working out makes me horny as fuck and I love to hit the showers knowing there's someone their waiting to take my load or, better yet feed me theirs.

This morning I got up early to get my workout out of the way. The locker room was full of guys in bulging towels, but I was disciplined enough to get in, change clothes and get out before I got sucked into something that might have made me forego the workout all together. I hate cardio...I think there's nothing more boring one can do with their I ran downstairs to get that out of the way first. I settled in to an elliptical machine in the back row of the studio with a clear view of most of the other machines. I love this back row. I can busy my mind watching some prime asses bouncing up and down on the Stairmasters or jogging along on the treadmills and no one's any wiser for it. Today, one guy in particular caught my attention.

He was shorter than me, probably 5'8" but built solid. He wore a loose-fitting gray jersey with the sleeves torn off to display his meaty guns. Big arms with that nice vascularity that comes from working 'em hard for a couple of years. I love that and my focus for that hour was just watching these guy and his big arms. He had thick calves to match so, despite his size, he appeared really well proportioned. He must have been a regular...I was surprised I hadn't seen him before. He finished his cardio shortly before mine. As he got off his machine and looked back at me watching him. He may have smiled, it might have been my imagination, but I think in any event he didn't mind me looking.

All of the morning's locker room activity coupled with my hour long focus on this guy’s muscular body had me ready to skip the rest of my workout. I had already made a mental compromise that, if the object of my attention wasn't in the free-weight area, I would just make my way to the showers and see if I couldn't spot him naked. When I made it up to the weight room, I spotted him right off working a couple of heavy weights doing a bench press. He was really working hard, struggling to push the weight up and his arms and chest where totally pumped up thick. He groaned a little lifting the weight and my mind wandered thinking if he might be loud in the sack. When he sat up I got a better look at him. He was handsome, by my opinion. Latin background, I guessed.

We passed each other now and then during our workouts. I became more confident that he was at least gay since he often caught me watching him lift and I actually saw him checking me out when it was my turn. I decided I would ask him to spot me do a Shoulder Press with weight that was a little beyond my means. He agreed and I felt his electricity when he touched his hands to support my arms under my triceps. We made small talk...nothing serious and then he alerted me that he was about finished for the day. I told him I was too and we walked down together to the locker room.

I quickly undressed and made my way to the shower area. I wanted to be first to find one of the showers with a clear view to one across from it. If he came across from me, I knew that would be my indication I should show him my wood. I started to shower; it felt good to warm up under the steamy nozzle. Sure enough, he entered the showers and took up his spot across from me. He looked over and smiled before turning away as he gave his dick a little tug.

Seeing this guy's body naked and wet across from me was all the reason my dick needed to get rock hard. I've got a nice dick...and it's tough to hide it when I get aroused. My buddy across from me having gotten all wet started soaping up and gave me the first shot at his crotch. Damn! He had what appeared to be a tiny dick! I couldn't believe it. I was disappointed, but figured...he's perfect in every other way. That said, I just kept soaping my dick. I figured he was going to be into seeing my wood anyway. I was stroking the length of my shaft giving him a good look at my 8" cock. Isn't there an unwritten rule among naked guys, "the guy who's better hung is the top?"

We stood across from one another stroking our cocks. Then my powerhouse surprised me by making a motion for me to turn around so he could see my ass. I obliged. He was totally in to my hole. And the more I teased him and played with it, the harder he fisted his dick and the bigger it grew. I bent over with my head between my legs and reached behind me to pull my ass apart so he could get a close up of my pucker. He slowly dropped down to his knees in the shower and motioned with his tongue as if he was eating my ass. We stood up and faced one another to check that there wasn't anyone nearby that might see what we were up to. He then motioned me into the shower in the corner. I could tell he wanted to poke my hole right there at the gym. I turned away and hesitated. I don't mind stealing an occasional blow job, but I don't want to get my ass in trouble with the cops getting caught fucking in public. I deliberated as to how I wanted to proceed.

Before I'd had the time to make up my mind, I felt his big hand on my ass. I turned and he'd come over into my shower stall and was working his fingers into my hole. I was a little afraid we might be caught which only turned me on that much more. I arched my back toward his dick and let him slip inside me. My tight hole stung a little has he pushed his cock into my ass. It certainly didn't look like it would hurt but he'd manage to grow to a respectable size. He started moaning as he pumped my ass. The same groans he made in the gym, he was now making in me. I reached back and grabbed his guns. I wanted to flip over onto my back so I could grab his giant arms...that would have made me shoot almost instantly. A few more jerks and I could feel him unload in my gut. When he pulled out, I turned to face him and grabbed his pecs and then his arms before I spilled my load across his chest and stomach.

He washed off and pushed me hard up against the wall, his big hands on my furry pecs. I hit with a thud and he kissed me hard before walking out of my shower and back over to his without so much as a look to see if the coast was clear. He finished and left and was gone before I reached my locker.

I've cum now four more times today thinking about he violated my hole in the gym...I hope I see him tomorrow.