Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Portland

I was desperate for some cock, but it was the middle of the afternoon. Not exactly a good time to go in search of a busy glory hole. There are times these places are busy and this wasn't one of them. I pondered going to the gym, but again…not likely the usual flow of hot-bodied jocks looking to show off their chiseled physiques at this time of the day. I checked my usual list of online hookup sites and each was more pathetic than the last. What's a cocksucker to do?

Half joking, I muttered to myself that I was so freakin' horny that maybe I'd go the the seedy Portland theatre. This is one of those old, adult theaters that swingers take their wives to and push them off on other men. I wondered whether a fag like me could get in on any of that action. The thought of having to fuck a woman wasn't too off-putting but what if I couldn't get what I was really after…her husband creamy load? I decided to risk it. Chances are the place would be empty like every other sex venue and I wouldn't have to deal with it, but…when you gotta get off, your dick calls the shots.

I left my hotel and walked the couple of blocks down to the Portland. In that part of town, people walk fast and don't much try to meet your eye on the street. I was watching as I approached and only saw single guys going in…this could be better than I thought. I entered the theater. The fat man behind the ticket booth looked at me as if I were the last pork chop on Earth. 

"What can I do YOU for?" he asked and I think I threw up in my mouth a little. 

"I'm looking to get into the theater here," I said, trying not to be too cocky. 

"Usually guys don't come in by themselves," he said and added, "…usually guys bring their girl friends along, if you know what I mean?" 

"Um, yea…I know what you mean, that's why I'm here. My girl friend is meeting me here. I just arrived first." I lied but what's with the twenty questions anyway?

I paid my admission and walked down the filthy hallway to the double doors that lead to the back. When I entered, the only light in the place was coming from the movie on the screen. Old, shitty, grainy black and white movie. The only thing redeeming about it was that it was 70's porn and I think cheesy 70's porn is hilarious. It took my eyes several minutes to adjust. I could sense movement but my eyes couldn't make out anything but shadows for what seemed like forever. Once I'd become used to the dark. I started to see movement…activity. There was a heavy, reddish curtain on the wall to my left about half way down the aisle. That obviously let to some place more private. I could see a mattress raised up on a large pedestal to my right…and the rest of the room was comprised of mismatched furniture…ugly sofas, chairs and stained mattresses.

When I was able to focus on people, I began to notice that the only people here were single guys. I laughed to myself…that fat fuck didn't berate anyone else about bringing their girl friend?

As I looked around, guys were sitting spaced out, dicks in hand stroking off to the movie. There were a few guys in relatively close proximity, but they didn't appear to be cruising one another. I was wrong.

I decided I would like to take my chances behind the curtain first…after all, no sense bringing attention to myself if it turned out that fags weren't welcome!

Behind the curtain was a tiny room. No more than 5 seats crammed in an L-shape faced a TV that was so old the picture was green. When I walked in, the only guy in the room quickly covered his open pants with his sweater. From the look on his face, he was pretty close to blowing his load before I walked in on him. He was handsome…from what I could see. Nearly bald, stubbly head with a full blond bear. I couldn't really get a look at his body, but his face was cute. What kind of straight guy has that kind of look? I was almost 100% sure he was gay. One way to find out.

I turn to the TV and grab my crotch. I say something stupid about how I really like this movie and when I turn to look at the dude, he just nods. He's not looking at me, but instead is staring at my crotch which I've not stopped rubbing through my pants. I unzip and pull out my growing stuffy and start stroking it out in the open. He's fixated. I let my pants drop and now my dick is bouncing free with a full view to anyone who wanted to watch. The guy is still staring but doesn't speak. I turn to look at the TV so he can have some privacy checking me out.

"Fuck I need some head, you know what I mean? I thought there'd be some willing pussy here but…" I trail off. He still doesn't say anything but he's managed to start stroking his dick under his sweater again. I get bold. 

"You like my dick, don't you?" That gets his attention, he looks up at me but is still too paralyzed to answer. I taunt him with it. I'm rock hard now and I smack it in my palm so it make a loud crack. I then slide on over now so I'm standing in front of him, completely blocking the TV. He moans. Dead give away. 

"Don't be shy…" I let my dick bob freely in front of him and fold my arms across my chest. He licks his lips. I then say, "you need a little help?" and I reach around the back of his head with my left hand slowly and gently pull his head to my cock. He resists for a millisecond, but easily succumbs. 

He starts blowing me and immediately loses his inhibitions. He's moaning now loudly…as if he'd been starved and was now invited to a Thanksgiving dinner. He put his hands on my hips, gently pushed me back and slid down to the floor onto his knees. He sucked me good. I knew this guy would know how to give head. He was sucking me and quietly behind me out of the corner of my eye I saw the curtain move. Another dude came in and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, stood next to me to watch this dude suck my cock.

When my sucker noticed this new guy, he stopped and sat back up.

"What's the matter, faggot? This guy here wants his turn too, " I said. Neither one spoke but their eyes confirmed I had a least guessed right. The cocksucker got back on his knees and started working me again, this time with the added delight of being watched. I tugged the zipper down on my voyeur and released his big piece of meat. I stroked it in my hand and decided that this was one dick I wasn't willing to share.

The head bobbing on my cock had settled into a good rhythm and would soon make me cum if I didn't stop him. I pulled out of his face and myself got down on my knees to suck the new guy. His dick was hefty. It felt big in my hand but up close just millimeters from my nose it was a lot bigger. Took my throat a few tries to be able to accommodate the whole thing, but soon he was face fucking me good.

My cocksucker laid down on the cum-covered floor and maneuvered to be able to suck me again. The dick in my mouth started to spurt and my buddy grabbed my head with both hands and choked me ensuring that I wouldn't spill one drop. Didn't take me long to unload either. My jizz sprayed across the face of my cocksucker and the shoes of the other dude. Seems a pity to have wasted it.

I spent the next hour or so just hanging out in that small room as, one-by-one each guy eventually came in to relieve his nut. I never did see a girl grace that place. I can't imagine that one would want to, but for a seedy, public cocksucker like me…I like those dirty kind of places and the men that shoot there.