Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There’s an industrial park being built not too far from my house. I sometimes snake through to walk around the construction sites, get naked, and beat off. A buddy of mine, with a similar proclivity for getting naked and getting off, accompanied me one day. The plan was that we would take my digital camera and snap some nude pics of one another getting off. One building was nearly done; its frame was up, walls were in, and some of the detail work was now being installed. We found a conference room with a large table that had been brought in before the walls went up. Along the wall opposite a row of windows, floor-to-ceiling mirrors had been installed to make the room look bigger…the perfect scene for our little photo shoot.

I went first, got naked and hard stroking my dick in front of the mirror. My buddy snapped pictures and I was getting off on the whole scene of being photographed while stroking my cock. We’d been there about a half hour, when from out of nowhere we heard distinct footsteps caused by a man in boots followed by a deep voice barking, “Who’s in here?”

My friend with the camera took off like a gazelle being chased by a lion…I, on the other hand, was lying back on the conference room table, my legs high in the air and working a large dildo into my hole. The intruder pushed open the door to the conference room before I even had time to yank out the dildo…I bolted to my feet, but froze when my gaze met a police officer standing in the door to the conference room…BUSTED! I lost my hard-on immediately and in a split second a wave of thoughts ran through my brain…would I go to jail? Be on a sex offenders list? What would I tell my partner? I started fumbling for excuses, completely unaware of the fact that I was still standing there naked in front of this cop. He yelled back, “…shut the fuck up!” I stood there motionless, the silence was deafening…He was stunning! Absolutely steadfast with fear, it was only then I had the opportunity to examine the officer. He was about 6’ tall, blond short cropped hair and solid. This guy’s body was so tight, you could see his muscles tugging at his shirt whenever he moved. He approached me, and I began to fear he might correctly assume I was a faggot and beat the shit out of me.

He stood right in front of me, looked directly into my eyes, and said, “oh………you’re fucked little buddy. You’re gonna wish you’d never gotten out of bed today!” He stepped back, and walked around me. When he was directly behind me. I felt his gloved hand slide up the crack of my ass. Wait a minute! I thought. Is this really happening? I must have imagined it…every faggot’s dream to do a cop! He completed his walk around me and once again stood a couple of feet in front of me, facing me. No other words had been said. I was getting hard…and it was becoming obvious. Then I made my first mistake…I took my eyes off of the cops face and stole a glance down at his crotch. It was a quick motion, but it didn’t go unnoticed. He grabbed my head by the jaw in a sudden bursting moment…the glove hand slapping against my face. “Eyes up here boy, he yelled!” “The other guy was fucking you, wasn’t he?” It was more of a statement than a question, and I think my mouth moved, but no sound came out. “You like dick you little queer…nice body for a queer.” “Well, let’s see how good you are, and if you’re real good, maybe you can work yourself out of jail.”

I let out a huge sigh, and began to relax…my second mistake. He knocked me down to the ground with a strong push to my chest. Huddled over on the ground, he took out his billy club and poked my ass with it. I resolved myself not to initiate anything…figuring he was trying to get me for entrapment as well…if anything was going to happen, he’d be the one calling the shots. He grabbed at his crotch and massaged his pole through his pants. He walked over to me, his crotch at the level of my face. He unzipped his pants, pulled out a long, very white, uncut dick. He started slapping my face with it calling me faggot. He was obviously turned on too. Precum oozed from his slit and left trails on my face. “Suck my cock,” he demanded, “and if I feel any teeth, I’ll beat the shit out of you and leave you for dead!” My lips parted, that was the extent of the effort I was willing to put forth…he took a long step towards me, and rammed that uncut pole right down my throat. My eyes closes and my head bucked as I gagged, not realizing how big he really was. Thankfully I missed him with my teeth. “Yeah fucker! That feels great faggot!” I began to relax…this guy was very hot, and it was then I realized I was sucking a cop! Not some off-duty officer with gay tendancies…an honest to goodness, cop in full uniform. I adjusted to kneel before him and turned up the power a bit…by damn, I was going to give him the best blow he’d ever had! I pistoned my face on his rod…I love to suck that way, all the way out letting the cool air hit him, and then take him to the hilt, down my throat. He was loving it, head reeling back…his gloved hand behind by head pushing me down onto his pole. I came right then and there without even touching myself…all over this guys boot.

“I want some of that pink hole I saw when I walked in.” He pulled out of my mouth and slapped my face with his saliva-covered dick. As he regained his masculine composure, he realized I spunked all over his shoes. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and shoved me down to his boot. “Clean that off asshole!” Geez, he acted like it would never come off! I began licking his boot, eating my juice off of his foot. I think once he saw me tonguing my own cum, he realized exactly how hot that was. After I’d gotten the boot all shiny with my spit, he, again, pushed me to the ground and walked around behind me. “Get on all fours,” he commanded. I assumed the position of a dog, and sunk my head down. I heard him spit a couple of times, one good shot landed right on my primed hole. Mind you, having been playing with the dildo already, I needed no additional lubricating, but I wasn’t going to correct him. The next thing I feel is the end of his billy club being jammed up my hole…I thought it would hurt more actually…he was so forceful and dominating! He worked my butt with his stick for a while, then yanked it out suddenly… “cum ‘ere!” I bared down and back up into his dick…he fucked me hard. Deeper than I’d ever been penetrated before…but it ended soon after it began…only a few pumps! He threw it into me rough 8 or 9 times…pulled out, pushed me down again, and shot his hot load all over my face…Standing over me, he hosed me with his cum…he looked so fucking hot, jacking off and shooting on me like I was a dirty bathmat. He growled loudly and let me have ever last drop, cum dripping off of my face…in my hair, my mouth.

He regained his breath, and stood up tall over me, looking down at me with softened features…the contempt he’d displayed while he brutally fucked me was gone. The silence was back, our breathing had quieted. He began unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled his uniform off of his muscled torso…the guy was fucking beautiful. He took his shirt off, wadded it up into a ball, and used it to wipe the cum off of my face and chest. I was dumbfounded. He then slowly grabbed my head and pulled it toward him. Our lips met and he locked me in a passionate kiss…one that ended with him gently biting my lower lip.

He gathered his things…and walked out without a word.

It took me about 10 minutes of head spinning to snap me back to reality. I grabbed my clothes and got the hell out of there.

“So how was he?” My buddy, the coward, had IMed me…following it up with a wide-grined smiley. Whaddya mean, how was he? You knew about this? “Yeah, I set it up…he’s a friend of mine.” “I knew you had a thing for cops and I thought you’d like to take a spin on him…” Grrr…when can I meet him again? “You can’t…he’s married and wanted to try it.” “He swears it was a one time thing…now that he’s gotten it out of his system…” I cut him off…yeah, right, gotcha.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Enigma

I met this guy on Manhunt first. I was drawn to the profile pic he posted of his enormous cock. Huge piece of meat...uncut, thick, more-than-a-mouthful piece of meat. I'd had my eye on getting that dick for a while before I finally got the nerve to contact him. I sent him a note and unlocked my pics. He returned the favor and wrote me back commenting that he'd seen me around the gym before...he thought I was cute. We made plans to meet up the next day to workout and see how the afternoon played out.

This guy is one hot man. Short and compact build, stealy mediterranean good looks...muscles for days and that great, big whopper dick. We met in the free weight area and shook hands. I watched him give me the once over and he grinned and nodded approvingly. We spent 45 minutes of so working our pecs and arms. Watching this guy strain with the weights was driving me crazy...there's something about watching a man workout that gets me totally fired up for a long fuck session. We took turns spotting each other and strokes each others muscles. The bulge in his shorts was all the proof I needed to know he too got off on pushing me through a sweaty workout.

When we'd finished, he suggested we meet back at my place after he ran home for a quick shower. I was glad to have a few moments to myself. If I was going to ride a dick that big, I would need to grab a toy and loosen up my tight chute.

When he arrived, he was in dark blue Adidas sweatpants and a tight-fitting tank which showed off his hard body. I welcomed him in and he locked the door behind him as he entered. He pulled me in for a deep, passionate kiss, and then yanked his pants open to show me his giant dick. I slid down to my knees and started slobbering his knob. His dick grew and grew as I struggled to get that whopper down my throat. I managed to get his thick boner in my throat and it brought tears to my eyes. I eased off his dick and his meaty foreskin was still covering the head of his cock. I leaned in to chew on his foreskin and looked up into his eyes.

We moved the action into my bedroom. He asked me if I'd ever been fucked by a dick this big. Truth is I had, but either way I knew it was gonna hurt like Hell so I said I hadn't hoping it might buy me some compassion when he pushed the head of his dick into my wincing hole. He lubed up my hole and his dick and hiked my legs up onto his shoulders. I did my best to relax but I swear I saw stars when he broke through my sphincter. He filled my ass with his huge cock...it felt fucking wonderful.

He proceeded to fuck me hard. Slow, fast, deep...so deep I would yell out. It hurt but it also felt so fucking also that I didn't want him to stop. I would reach up and grab his muscular arms and hold on to his beefy pecs while he pummeled my ass. Everytime I would get close to cumming, he'd back off and bury his dick way deep in my shitter and hold me tight. He had me folded like a pretzel but he wouldn't let me cum until we could cum together. We edged this way for an hour or better before I'd reached the point of no return. I warned him I was close...I looked up into his eyes, nearly whimpering telling him, "you'd better stop of you'll make me cum"...he replied, "we're gonna cum together." He started pumping harder into my ass as my first volleys of cum sprayed out over my head and face. He began moaning loudly and I felt the rush of his warm jizz coat the inside of my ass...his throbing dick delivering shot after shot of hot spunk into my waiting gut.

He collapsed on top of me, his body jerking slightly as the final few waves of his orgasm disapated throughout his body. His dick was still buried in me, filling my ass with his thick tube steak. We layed there for several minutes, exhausted and covered in sweat and cum.

When the time came for him to slide out of me, it felt as if someone was trying to pull out my insides. The space in my ass left by his big dick was this large, empty space and I immediately wanted to feel him back inside me.

We made out and fucked a few more times that afternoon. To this day, he remains one of the most incredible fucks I've ever had. Such an amazing man, with such an incredible dick!