Friday, December 2, 2011

Lunch w/ Mike

If you're like me, when you get a little cum in your belly, you just can't get it off of your mind and you gotta get more. That's how today was for me. I woke up with dick on my brain and went through the motions all morning until I could escape from the office and park myself at the local suck shack. I debated some over where I would look for dick today. There's a spot that is regularly visited by the hot jock types with some glory holes, but I really wasn't looking for that today. Another spot, the spot where I ended up, you pay your 10 bucks and have free run of the back room without having to feed coins or worry about some attendant walking in on you with your pants pushed to the floor and some strangers dick in your mouth. The place is really hit and miss. When it's good it's real fuckin' good and when it's bad, I leave with a sore dick after stroking it so hard in anticipation of it eventually gettin' good. Today is was real fuckin' good.

The place opens at noon and I've been the first one through the door before. I don't mind waiting. In fact I like the feeling of anticipation if I have to wait a bit. I walked in, surveyed the movies playing, and settled on a booth with some hardcore, bareback leather action happening. I stripped down to my jock and tennis shoes, piled my clothes up on the cleanest spot I could find on the floor. I had my poppers in hand and began massaging my dick as I watched some guy on the TV get fisted and blown by another guy. It never takes very long.

I always jump a little when I hear the rickety turn-style announce the entrance of another customer. The venue is set up with a theatre-style room right up front and a long hallway of individual booths adjacent to that. I had positioned myself about half way down the hallway so I could hear the sound of approaching footsteps. When the guy got closer, I drop to my signal I'm there to suck cock. I always stop guys in their tracks when the first see me. It takes a certain amount of guts to strip down in a place like this and dudes are always caught off guard when they see me. This guy was no exception.

He was kinda frumpy, mid 40's, not much of a looker. When he saw me there on the floor his hand went to his dick and he started feeling his cock through his pants. Hmm, I thought, he isn't really the kind of guy I was after...I hoped something better would soon come along.

A few minutes later I heard the turn-style welcome another man. This was was even older...late 50's or early 60's I guessed. He too was impressed with my eagerness and started to stroke his dick through his pants. This guy, however, obviously had a big piece of meat so he had my full attention. I motioned him in with my head and he closed the booth door behind him. I pawed at his pants and felt a hefty piece of dick in there. He was only too eager to oblige me with it. Thick and uncut. I was hooked. I made a move to lick the tip but he pulled away and said he only wanted to jack off. I would have been easily bored by that, but it was pretty soon made clear that he would bend the rules for me. He kept his dick right in front of my face and would tease me with it...pulling away every time I tried to make a move for it. Eventually, I got my tongue on the tip...then a little farther...and then farther. He was getting into it now too. He taunted me asking me how much I wanted his big Italian dick. Being the polite military brat, I replied "Yes Sir" to all of his inquiries...even when he asked if I wanted to eat his load.

He grabbed the back of my head and proudly fucked my face. He forcibly worked my mouth and kept telling me that my pussy mouth felt so good and that he would be giving me his load. As he approached cumin, he'd stop and pull away and then just jack off again. I would then work it back into my mouth taking great pains to first slide my dick between his cock and foreskin...he really loved that. Soon he was oozing precut and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I waited until I heard his breath started to get louder and before he could pull away, I slid my arms under his legs and up to cup his ass in my palms. When he tried to pull out, I held him in place and, though he struggled, I was strong enough to keep his dick in my mouth as I brought him to climax. He was loud and kept yelling, "Oh fuck, oh fuck that's good...take it, take my load."

Mike was up next. He was positioned right outside the door when my Italian daddy zipped up and left. He grinned seeing me on my knees, my dick bouncing up out the side of my jock. "Nice" he said entering the booth without waiting for an invitation. He had me at "nice". This guy was tall, bald head, great build...I guessed in his mid 40's. He locked the door and reached down to help me to my feet. He gently but strongly pushed me against the wall and planted a kiss on my mouth. His tongue darted past my teeth and he was hell bent on sticking it down my throat. He was a decent kisser. As we made out, he started unbuttoning his shirt. As fun as this was, I wasn't sure I wanted it to continue until I reached down to cup his crotch and felt a big fatty in his slacks. He freed the beast and it bobbed out in front of me a solid 8 inches. "Fuck yes!" I thought...really just what I was after.

I managed to escape from his lip lock and position myself so that his dick was at eye level. I took a hit of poppers and started to work the end of his cock. This was a nice piece of meat and I wanted to take my time. When a guy's got a big dick, I don't like to take it all down at once. I like to make then think maybe I can' only get a third or a half of it in my mouth. Then I go for it and fuck if that always doesn't make an impression. Mike was very easily stimulated and he would get close and then pull away to keep from coming. Again I would go in and suck the head and slowly make my way down until I was throating the length of his dick and he'd again...pull away to prolong his orgasm. I edged him for nearly 40 minutes with occasional breaks during which he blew me.

We'd make out, takes turns sucking each other cocks. Finally, while we were making out and I held his rock hard boner in my hand, I looked him dead in the eyes and told him I wanted his cum. He made a noise like he was catching his breath, his eyes rolled a bit to the back of his head, and he started shooting long, hot volleys of cum all over my furry chest and abs. I had to laugh, I could feel he was close, but I didn't expect me being so direct would make him cum right there on the spot. Being the hot man that he was...he surprised me with his next move.

After the waves of pleasure shook from his body, he knelt down and started licking his load off my body. He did a really thorough job, lovingly licking up every last drop. Then he stood up and leaned in for another deep kiss...only this time he had his hot load still in his mouth. I opened my mouth and he tongued me, feeding me his load that he'd just licked up. We made out for several minutes making sure I got every bit of it. I found this so hot that I ended up shooting my load onto myself, some landing on my shoulder. Mike then licked up every last drop of my cum and savored it for himself.