Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've this friend, Tucker, and I trust him completely. We met on a hookup site and became fast friends. It's not often I connect with someone in that way. My intention was only to worship his cock and send him on his way. When we played for the first time, we hung out for a bit after and from that moment on, he was what you would consider a friend with (great) benefits.

Tucker was a hair over six foot tall. His tall and lean frame are covered with the lightest blond hair. All that light peach fuzz on his body just made me crazy when I first laid eyes on him. He was a bit older than me, perhaps 10 years and I always suspected he was married, though we never did get too personal. He would come over to my house, put me through my paces, and then he'd either leave immediately after or spend the whole afternoon with me just lounging around naked. He was just so sexy to be around that I rather liked when he would stay and I would just soak in his good looks.

Tucker had a bent side which I loved. He would often suggest that I should be naked and blindfolded waiting on my knees. I'm totally into that and, like I said, I totally trusted him so I was happy to oblige. The first time he made this suggestion, I was cleaned and ready with one of my neck ties around my head covering my eyes. He came in, was completely silent and our afternoon began by him smacking my face with his cock and pushing his dick into my mouth. I swear, the idea of being made to submit this way with my senses deprived was intense and from the very beginning of our playtime I was leaking precum without even touching myself. I sucked on his thick dick and occasionally he would stick a bottle of poppers under my nose for me to whiff. It drove me crazy. That afternoon he bound up my nuts with rope and held them like a leash. I willingly let him tie me down and he affixed plastic clamps to my nipples which hurt like a mother fucker, but I was too aroused to protest. He took turns sodomizing me with a dildo and then fucking me raw with his own cock. I would writhe and struggle against the restraints but I was really enjoying every minute of it. Later he would remove the blindfold and we would make out...but he wouldn't untie me until he'd fucked me as much as he'd wanted and then he'd make me clean off his dick by shoving it in my mouth. When he'd untie me and leave, I would always have to jack off again recalling what had just happened to me. He was just such a hot, intense fuck, that I wanted to relive it over and over.

On a visit not unlike any other, Tucker called me up to make plans. He again gave me instructions to be on my knees, naked and blindfolded. I was primed and ready. When he arrived he instructed me to bend over the bed. He proceeded to tie my legs apart, leaving my ass free for a pummeling. He spread my arms apart, and immobilized me by anchoring them mouth open for assault from the front. He poppered me up like normal and began feeding me his dick. I worked his cock, nursing it to be good and hard for when he'd fuck me. More poppers, more cock. I was lost in a fog with Tucker's hand on the back of my head pushing his dick into my throat. I felt a finger lubing up my ass and then his tongue found it's way to my hole. Oh fuck, I've got a dick down my throat and he's tonguing my ass. I love that. Next I felt a mouth on my dick. I was in sensory overload. I felt good all over. I was suddenly perplexed, how could Tucker be in all these places at the same time? I was drunk on poppers and the cock pounding my throat didn't allow me to ask or protest. I began to concentrate and realized that we were not alone. My realization was confirmed when I felt a cock press up against my ass. Tucker, or at least I thought it was Tucker, was face-fucking me and now a new dick was forcing it's way into my gut...and still someone was blowing me. I'm completely turned on and completely unable to fight off these invaders, even if I had wanted to.  I winced in a little pain as this dick pushed past my sphincter. This one's big, I thought, but blindfolded it's hard to know as everything seemed bigger. These two guys were making out and pumping in and out of my mouth and ass. They're synchronized and I feel like I've got 16" in me at the same time.  Finally someone spoke, "think he's loosened up enough?" I don't recognize the voice but in a silent reply the big dick in my ass pulls out and another takes its place. Who is this, I think but it hardly matters. I was powerless against these guys using me and filling me full of poppers.  Still blindfolded, dick after dick took turns fucking my ass and mouth. I was sweaty and exhausted from the workout. I'd cum myself by then two or three times by someone tenderizing my load pooled on the carpet between my stretched out legs.

When the ambush ended only Tucker was left to untie me and remove the blindfold. He cleaned me tenderly and massaged my aching muscles having held the same position for such an extended period of time.  "What the Hell just happened?" I asked once I'd had a moment to recover.  Tucker grinned and said, "I was talking with some of my closer friends about how I never get any at home and how I'd formed this friendship with you to get my needs met. They commented how lucky I was, but didn't want to be caught or recognized for doing anything with another guy. I cooked up this ambush  so we could all have a little fun. I knew you'd be into it and these guys totally got off on you not knowing. It was a win-win. Don't worry, you were completely safe. I wouldn't let anything happen to my number one cocksucker."

He left and, like I always do, I jacked off another load remembering what I could about what just happened. I ended up cumming thinking about the fact that there are guys out there that have fucked me and I would never be able to recognize them.