Monday, March 19, 2018

Mr. Too Big

It was my birthday and I wanted to treat myself. I had been using various apps to find someone to give me a great birthday fuck. There was this handsome, military guy with an incredibly huge dick that I had my eye on, but pinning him down had been challenging. He was definitely making me work for it. He happened to be online and was open to me paying him a visit. 

His house was about a 20 minute drive from my hotel and pretty easy to find. I parked in the driveway, locked my phone and wallet in the car, and went to knock on the door. What greeted me at the door was a 230 chiseled piece of perfection. Even more striking was how handsome this guy was. I’ll admit the only pics I had ever seen of this guy were of is enormous dick in various degrees of erection. I was so obsessed with it that it never crossed my mind to think about what it was attached to. I was a bit dumb-struck.

He invited me in and locked the door behind me. He put his strong, masculine hand on the back of my neck and led me into his bedroom. He shucked his pants to the floor and sat back on his bed telling me to suck his dick. This dick was even bigger than it appeared in pictures. I pride myself on being able to swallow the big boys. The reality was this man was probably the biggest dick I’ve ever had. There was just no getting this thing down my throat without dislocating my jaw though I was willing to try. He had a slight curve, that didn’t make things any easier, but I was completely lost in worshipping his giant cock. I couldn’t get my hand around it, it was so thick. Easily 10 inches long, maybe more. I blew him…or should say, I tried to blow him for about 30 minutes. He did seem to be enjoying it. I wanted more and more of his dick in my mouth but just couldn’t handle it.

He told me to get naked and said he was going to get the lube. I panicked a little. Honestly, did this guy think he was going to fuck me with this dick? I didn’t think it was possible. I became nervous and told him I didn’t think I would be able to take it. I admitted that, as a cocksucker, most of my play revolves around sucking. My ass seldom is up for grabs, so I was bound to be too tight to be able to take this whopper. He smiled and chuckled a little saying…you told me you wanted a birthday fuck and you’re going to get one. I got naked and assumed the doggy position with my ass at the end of the bed.

He lovingly ate my ass. His mouth and hot breath felt amazing against my hole. He licked and poked me with his tongue. It was wonderful and I began to relax. He lubed up a finger and put it in my butt and then another. So far so good. He got my hole good and lubed up, he was caring though forceful. I didn’t feel nervous. He got his dick good and slippery. To watch the slight of it, I have to admit, I was really turned on. I wanted to be able to take it but was still apprehensive that I could. 

When he put the head of his dick against my asshole, It felt like someone was trying to push their fist into my ass. I did start to tense up…no getting around that. He told me, you need to relax buddy and let me in. He’s right of course and part of me thought, just fucking take it you wuss. You’re a faggot and you’ve had plenty of big dicks in your ass. There’s no getting around this…this monster is going to hurt, so why not just let it? Part of me thought that, if I just let him punch through my sphincter I would endure waves of agonizing pain but it would pass in a minute or two and on his next attempt I would be able to take it like a whore, like a pro, and we could get down to it. I took a deep breath to try and relax myself and I pushed back against his dick. I was struck with a blinding wave of pain as the head of his dick pushed inside me. I fell forward, his dick falling out of my ass, and I winced and moaned in verbal pain. Taking a moment to try and work through it. 

The next attempt and the next weren’t any easier. Jesus, I thought how the hell is this going in?? My top fucker was doing his best to be accommodating but I could tell that even he was starting to lose patience. We tried again and again. I had completely lost my hardon now was lying flat against the bed with my ass pointed at the sky. I was starting to feel embarrassed too. I decided I needed him to force me.

We paused. I told him it was too big but I wasn’t yet willing to give up. I ask him to force himself upon me. 

“You mean, like rape you?”

I nodded. “It’s the only way…”

He grabbed me around the waist and flipped me back over, pushing my legs apart with his. I felt is had push my skull into the pillow with the force to bust open a watermelon. I felt the head of his dick at my asshole and tried to beg for more lube, but he wasn’t having it. He didn’t ram it in me, rather he pushed the head in as he had before…but once he was inside me, he put his entire weight behind his dick and nearly split me in two! I cried out in agony, yelling and begging him to stop…that his was a bad idea. He persisted. I saw stars and I may have blacked out. His dick dug deeper and deeper into my hole and I felt like he was laying pipe. His giant cock must have rearranged my internal organs because I swear I could feel pressure against my diaphragm. Once I could feel his pubes against my ass, he held still and barked at me to breathe. I struggled to breathe, I struggled to relax, I was sure I would have no asshole left when this was over. After what seemed like an hour, the pain started to subside. He then started to slide his cock in and out of my ass with a slow rhythmic motion. His dick continued to swell even bigger. He fucked me slowly and deeply. I would gasp for breaths when I could but I have to admit, I was finally thrilled to have this big man inside me. I began to enjoy it. He had great stamina and fucked me, edging himself and then backing off to keep himself from cumming. He checked in periodically to ask whether I needed a break, but honestly, now that my ass was stretched wide, I just didn’t want him to stop. 

In the end, his motions became faster and faster as he approached cumming. I was worried about him cumming in my ass, but with his whole weight on top of me, even had I resisted, I wouldn’t have been able to stop him. He let go flooding my ass with his warm spunk. When he finally pulled his dick out of me, I again saw stars and dribbled his cum out of my ass. I could barely stand, my limp dick had cum all over his sheets. He tossed a towel at me, allowing me to wipe the sweat from my forehead. It was not my best moment, but I left having gotten what I wanted. I thought I might not be able to walk the next day, but I ended up feeling fine. We never met again…I can’t half blame him…but I may have finally met the man that can be called “Too Big.”

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Delta SkyClub

I was flying through Atlanta for work making a connection to Mexico. I had a bit of a layover and I was horny and looking for trouble. I have always had luck at the Atlanta airport…it’s a big place and there’s usually guys like me looking to kill a little time and swing their cocks around.

When I got off the plane, I logged into to see if there was anyone around. There were a few guys without pictures in different terminals but there didn’t appear to be anyone seriously cruising. I noticed a post for restroom cruising on the E concourse. Apparently there is a restroom where the traffic is low and guys can show off and maybe get off. I decided to leave a post indicating that I was headed to this restroom to stroke at the urinals and show off. I then left to make the trip over to the E concourse.

On the way I got several hits from guys that saw the updated post. Many of them said they would head that way too. When I got to the restroom there were a few guys washing up. Past a row of sinks behind a wall were 10 or so urinals and behind them a row of stalls. I took my position at the end of the row of urinals where I would be able to scan them all down. There weren’t any partitions between them so it would be easy to spot someone sporting a hard-on. I unzipped my pants, took a quick piss, and started to stroke my cock. The excitement got he hard pretty quickly. A couple of guys cam to pee, I did my best to wait for some indication they were there for the same thing, but they conducted their business, zipped up and left. Next to arrive was a bearded Asian guy. He was pretty tall, had a beautiful face, but I was most struck by his full beard. He took the space two down from me and whipped his cock out. He immediately, looked over at my dick and I leaned back from the urinal to give him a good look. He looked up and me, and mouthed a “dayum…” and then quickly got hard. We turned slightly to face each other pulling on our cocks. There didn’t really seem to be much opportunity to do more. There was someone in the stall behind us and you could hear plenty of foot traffic in the other parts of the restroom. He reached out to give my dick a squeeze and I have to say, I felt really fucking good. I usually prefer to be the bottom guy, but this man was stunning and I was really fantasizing about what he might do to my cock if given the chance. 

Another guy came to the row of urinals and we went back to pretending to pee. The new guy lingered a bit and I think he spooked my Asian buddy because he feigned a shake, buttoned up and left. 

I checked my phone again and another hit was on his way. I continued to stroke. Soon after a military guy wearing full gear arrived, his backpack slung over his shoulder. He stood right next to me and I continued to stroke but tried to be a bit more discreet. The guy pulled out his dick which was already pretty hard and didn’t even try to hide his wood. Again I leaned back and he immediately grabbed my cock and gave it a good squeeze. “I want that, “he said, “Do you have access to the SkyClub?” I responded that I did and he suggested we go there to have a little more privacy.

We zipped up, washed our hands and I followed him to the Delta SkyClub on the E concourse. They waved him in because he was military and I checked in at the desk. When I was done he was nowhere to be seen but I figured I would find him in the restroom. I walked in and there was a man washing his hands at the sink, behind him was a row of toilets with floor to ceiling walls and lockable doors. Across from them were a row of urinals. I didn’t spot my Army man, but took up a position at the last urinal against the back wall. Again I whipped out my dick and started stroking it.

I figured this guy, if he were legit, would eventually find his way in here. To my surprise, the door to the toilet directly behind me opened and my Army buddy stood there with his pants pushed to the floor and motioned me to join him in the stall. The stalls aren’t the biggest…they’re not made for two people after all but they are plenty big enough and totally private. I entered the space, locked the door behind me and dropped my bag on the floor. I fumbled to unbutton my pants and this hunk gently grabbed my face by my chin and pulled my mouth to his planting the most amazingly sensual kiss. Kissing is my kryptonite and I may have even let out a little moan. My boner quickly came back with a vengeance and after a short make out session, I pushed my pants to the ground and squat down to swallow this Army man’s cock. He stopped me mid squat and told me he would cum too quickly and would I mind if he suck me off first. We traded positions and he looked me square in the eyes and said, “don’t go easy on me, sir.” Without losing my gaze, he took the head of my dick in his mouth. It was heaven to feel his warm lips close around the head of my cock. This guy…all of 25-26, with an obvious jock body and a sizable wood proceed to throat my dick from the head to the base slowly and intently staring me in the eyes. His mouth was warm and wet and the suction was mind-blowing. He was no newbie when it came to sucking dick, that’s for sure. His hands at first cupped my ass but then he felt up my stomach and chest going  under my shirt to play with my nipples. It was ecstasy. Though the boy needed no help, I placed my right hand behind his head and helped guide it back and forth on my dick. He moaned, I could tell he liked that and his dick bobbed a little in response. He never touched his cock, but I could see he was leaking a steady stream of precum while he deliberately took his time taking the length of my dick all the way down his throat at a measured, deep pace. I wasn’t going to last long, this jock, his body, his hot uniform, his expert cocksucking all were collaborating to make be bust hard. My breathing started to quicken and it felt like my dick might explode I was so hard. He could feel I was getting closer and made no adjustments to his rhythmic sucking. It was driving me absolutely crazy. My body started to quake and I tried to stay quiet but little gasps of pleasure escaped me as I let go of six shots of cum. He never took his eyes off of me, he never slowed his assault on my dick and I had to hold onto his shoulders to keep from falling over. 

He eventually slowed down even more and wallowed as my dick was fully insert down his throat. We stayed that way for what felt like a full minute before he slowly slid my dick out of his mouth.

He stood up and kissed me, the faint scent and taste of my load on his breath. Pushed against the wall, I could feel this Army man’s boner pushing against my leg.

“Now you,” I sad taking my position eye-level with his beautiful dick. Cut, probably 7” or more and sticking straight out at my nose. I licked the head of his dick tasting his precum. He then said, “Look at me.” I looked up at him. “Don’t take your eyes off of my eyes, got it?” I find that hard to do. I love looking at the cock that I’m sucking, worshiping it but this guy just gave me mind-boggling head so who was I to deny him?

“I like it rough, can you take it?” 

“I can take it, sir” I said back.

He grabbed me by the ears and launched an assault on my mouth and throat. He faced fucked me with the ferociousness of an tiger. All I could do what open up my throat and let him have his way. His dick wasn’t rock hard when he first entered my mouth. He was meaty and pliable but after several thrusts his dick at the stiffness of thick baton and I struggled to accommodate him. It was heaven, he tasted a bit salty but it was a little hard to enjoy as I tried to not choke. I stared up at him and quickly verbally taunted me, “you’re doing great cocksucker. Your fucking throat feels so good on my Marine dick. You like that baby?” I was in no position to respond but I hoped my the tears running down my face conveyed my dedication to getting him off. “Oh fuck yea, you’re gonna make me cum, baby. You gonna eat my military load, baby?” I would willingly eat this man’s cum.

The rough piston action stopped as abruptly as it started. He launched into a few quick, deep thrusts grunting audibly as he came volley after volley shooting down my throat. I could feel his dick throbbing in my mouth, I wished I could taste his cum but the head of his dick was well down my gullet. He hugged my head against his pubic bone and shoved his dick down my throat as far as it would go. I felt light-headed as needed to take a breath but I was spent and had no strength to push him off me. He eventually released my head and immediately helped me to my feet.

We embraced again, kissing deeply and this time we could smell each other’s cum on our breath. “I really fucking needed that, you’re amazing, thank you.” I wiped the tears from my face and tried to compose myself. He left the stall first and wished me well. I stayed for a minute collected my bearings.

When I exited the bathroom, I thought to myself, this is really a great place to suck dick. I spotted my Army man, this Marine I should say, with a few others across the club. He was smiling and talking, I assumed about me, because the two he was talking to looked me up and down as I passed by. Would he share me with his buddies?

There’s a lot of fun to be had in Atlanta. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime. I never miss a chance when I’m passing through. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


One night in Dallas I was on the prowl to suck some dick, but I don’t always find it easy to find dick in Dallas. I decided to explore one of the suck shacks down on Henry Hines Blvd in one of the more seedy parts of town. I forget the name but it’s your typical adult store where you can pay a one-time admission and wander around the rooms in the back where guys hook up. This place has like a dozen rooms, all very large and spacious with a bench and a large screen TV. Two of the rooms have glory hole platforms. It’s pretty dark with some black-lit hallways.

I was taking a lap in the place looking for some action. There were only a few guys behind locked doors and, from what I could see, nothing to peek my interest. I was just about to leave, unfulfilled, when I saw this talk drink of water come out of a corner room. He was an older gentleman, built tough, tall, and rugged. What struck me most was that this silver-haired hot man had on a cowboy hat, jeans, and a flannel shirt. I immediate thought…I’m gonna get me a cowboy!

I grabbed my crotch and he tipped his hat and gave me a, “howdy”. I played along and replied, “good evening, pard’ner” and motioned for him to follow me into a nearby room. He came in after me and locked the door behind him. 

“Please tell me you can suck cock better than that guy…” motioning to the room he had exited from. His silver mustache was bushy and really fucking sexy.

“I aim to please and am willing to try,” I said pushing my jeans to my ankles and dropping to my knees.

He walked over and loosened an enormous belt buckle and let his jeans fall to the floor. The bulge in his tight, white briefs was impressive and I could tell I was going to have to bring my game if I was going to give this guy a blowjob he would remember. He left the unwrapping of his briefs to me. Before I exposed the big prize, I gave his cock a squeeze. It was barely hard and was already pretty large. Zoinks I thought…I’m in for a treat. I tucked my fingers into his waistband and freed his dick. This great big hose lopped forward over a nice set of grapefruit-sized balls. 

I let an audible moan escape as this man put his rough hand on the back of my head and guided me toward his cock. I opened wide and tried to take his entire length down my throat. I knew that this dick was going to get hard and, when it did, I might not be able to swallow the whole thing. Now was my chance. I buried my nose in his bush and now it was his turn to moan. 

“Ah yea…That’s what I needed,” he said and I could feel him grow in my mouth and throat. “I’m gonna have to take my time with you, boy.”

I sucked the length of his giant meat back and forth surprising myself at how well I could take it. The gentle but firm pressure of his hand on the back of my head helped me find my rhythm. I blew him for ten minutes or so before he pushed me off, complaining that he was close to cumming but didn’t want it to end. I backed off, let him catch his breath before bringing him to the brink a couple more times. He was leaking precum and the taste was intoxicating. I was really anxious to make him cum and swallow his load.

“Oh no, no boy. I know you want it but I’ve got bigger plans for you. You got some time?”

“Time for what?” I asked looking up at him with my own dick in my hand leaking precum into a puddle on the floor.

“Come with me,” he said.

I followed him out to the parking lot and he told me a cocksucker as talented as I had proved to be was something meant to be shared. He asked me to follow him up the street and I figured that he must live nearby and wanted to share me with a buddy. Per usual in these situations, I had a momentary thought whether or not this was safe…but I had been working hard for his load and he’d denied me so far…I was up to continue the adventure.

We drove what felt like twenty minutes but I’m sure was not that long. Eventually, he turned on his left-turn signal in front of a fire station. I assumed we were turning around but he pulled in and parked along side some other vehicles. I parked in an empty spot a couple of spaces down and waited. He walked over and said, “The guys will really appreciate your skills, you up for this?” 

I had an ear-to-ear grin but assumed this was some kind of joke. “Are you serious?” I asked. 

“Come on in.”

I followed him in past the big red fire truck and he walked right back into the station house. There was a TV playing in the corner of the space and a couple of guys where sitting around. 

“Brett around?” He asked to no one in particular. 

“He’s off.” Answered one of the guys. When he said this, suddenly everyone looked up and was interested in what was coming next.

“Good. I brought you guys a little present. I’ve been working this cocksucker’s throat for a while and thought you’d appreciate his talents.”

Guys laughed and smile. One grabbed his crotch and said, “Aww Captain…how’d you know what I was needing?”

I was led to a corner away form the door and pushed to my knees. I struggled to get my pants down but already there was a line of guys stroking and making there way to my spot.

I blew six guys that night. One after the other. The first couple came pretty quickly. Each guy was aggressive and dominant and made no apologies for assaulting my mouth and throat. None of the guys allowed me to miss a drop and I ate six load…even the one that nearly came out my nose from me gagging on his dick. That was the Captain. His load was the best. 

This apparently wasn’t a new thing for Fire Station 16. The guys, many of them straight and married, were loyal to their Captain and had no problem with his being gay or him bringing these little presents to the firehouse. These were solid guys. I never felt threatened or unsafe. My head was spinning with ideas of being gang-banged by them all in turn. In the end it was just my mouth these guys would use and I left with a buzz and a belly full of cum.

I’ve visited these guys now a couple of times when I make it to Dallas. I learned on a subsequent visit that this Captain was a consultant on the movie Backdraft to make sure the movie looked real and that the actors behaved with honor just like his own men. What you don’t see in the movies are some of the seedier situations these guys find themselves in. Being heroes and fighting fires is hard, stressful work and release comes in many forms and I am happy to oblige.

Monday, February 19, 2018

NEW Posts, coming soon!

I have let this blog lapse but I still get contact frequently about guys that want to hear of my continued exploits and so I have decided to once again put pen to paper. Stay tuned for new stories of my cocksucking adventures and thank you for your continued interest and support!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Rich (part 2)

"You wanna go skinny dipping?"

"Who is this?" I asked of the guy on the other end of the line. I was at home with a girl I brought back to my place after a mediocre date. Admittedly, at this point in my life I played the field on both teams...often on the same day. 

"Aww, and here I thought I was special. You're gonna owe me big, I intend to collect." Click

My mind was reeling. In all my sneaking around I never gave out my name or number and here this guy had both. Worse, he had used them! Fears of being outted crossed my mind, but really this guy didn't sound like he was being an ass. He really sounded like he truly wanted to get naked with me. 

The evening was pretty much a disaster. I was with her, but 100% of my attention with thinking of him. I'd been busted already a few times and was in jeopardy of losing her as a piece of ass. I would replay the conversation over and over in my mind. Hearing a guy ask me to get naked with him gave me a ranging hard on. Fuck! Who the he'll was this voice? And how did he know I was gay?

"Josh, are we gonna fuck or not?" my date quizzed me while biting her fingernails and slowly sliding her legs apart.

"Huh? Yeah whatever...let's go."

We started making out. It was borderline mediocrity, but when I concentrated on him and closed my eyes, things got a lot better. Over the course of an hour with my eyes completely fixed shut, I proceeded to fuck the shit out of my date. I fucked her hard. She moaned and whined a little in protest, but I didn't care. With my eyes closed I was fucking him and he wanted it hard and rough. I pictured him with a smooth ass and he'd look back at me as I pushes my wood into his butt. I created an imaginary fuck buddy. He was the epitome of masculinity and moreover he wad horny and wanted me to fuck him hard. With my eyes gripped shut, I fantasized our encounter and I took no mercy on him. Consequently, my date loved the animal fuck I threw her way but I never asked her out again. 

"So have you given any more thought to going skinny dipping with me, Joshua?"

Fuck! Why had it taken two weeks for him to get in touch with me again? I had long since worn out jackin off by fantasizing about our first conversation?

"Who is this?" I hated to ask, but I still wasn't convinced it was real. 

"If you wanna find out who I am, why don't you just meet me for a dip and find out? You are interested, aren't you Josh? I bet you're hard right now, me just talking about it."

This guy could read me like a book. Hell yeah I was hard. Truth be told, I was a bit nervous about getting caught. "OK, yeah let's do this where am I gonna meet you?"

"North Campus Commons Apartments. The pool is all the way behind the A-building. It's closed after dark so no one will bother us. I'll meet you there. Don't let me down."

I must be crazy, I thought to myself as I parked in front of the Commons. Still I was horny and I needed sex. The anonymity of the caller just added more to the whole experience. 

I walked down a small concrete walkway around the backside of the apartment complex. In the distance I could see the glow of the pool light and it cast a shimery glow onto a small canopy of trees overhead. There didn't appear to be anyone there. I followed the path and pushed through the gate into the pool area. The pool was protected from view by the apartments because of this small patch of trees. My heart was racing. 

The gate was closed but not locked. I slid the catch up and pushed it open to gain access to the pool. Looking around, I confirmed I was alone. I decided to get into the water. I stripped down to my briefs and made a pile of my clothes on a table. I walked toward the shallow end and dipped my toe in the water. It was nice, cool but not cold. Now even the idea of a swim was starting to appeal to me. I quietly entered the pool sliding off the side into the water. The coolness was exhilarating and I was starting to gain back me cocky confidence. I sink below the surface like a stealthy crocodile. 

I enjoyed a little quiet swim. The light in the pool went dark. My eyes hadn't yet adjusted, but I could make out a masculine figure approaching from the apartment side of the building. The figure said, "We don't want to get caught, Josh. Guys like us have reputations and people will talk."

The guy stripped completely naked and before he managed to dive into the water, I did catch a glimpse of his semi hardon. When he surfaced, we were face to face. It was Rich. 

"It's you? Why all the secrecy?" I asked. 

"I'm keeping my activity on the down-low, kinda like you."

"I'm not seeing her any more." I said.

"So now you're ready to be a faggot?"

I laughed. Truth was neither of us had figured out that we were gay. Sex with guys was still nothing but a phase we could give up any time we wanted. 

"I never figured that you..."

He interrupted, "...would be sucking cock? C'mon sex is sex."

He reach down and grabbed my dick through my briefs. 

We started making out. It was intense. Stealing sex in bookstores is random and though I find random fun, sex is better when the dick you're making out with is another sexy jock-type guy. I'll admit, making out with a guy on my team was really hot. I was totally in to it and he knew it but not only because of the hard wood poking him in the leg. 

Let's go up to my place. I want to eat your ass, he said and led me out of the pool. I hopped out, my boner bouncing. I was eager to get some place more private. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lunch w/ Mike

If you're like me, when you get a little cum in your belly, you just can't get it off of your mind and you gotta get more. That's how today was for me. I woke up with dick on my brain and went through the motions all morning until I could escape from the office and park myself at the local suck shack. I debated some over where I would look for dick today. There's a spot that is regularly visited by the hot jock types with some glory holes, but I really wasn't looking for that today. Another spot, the spot where I ended up, you pay your 10 bucks and have free run of the back room without having to feed coins or worry about some attendant walking in on you with your pants pushed to the floor and some strangers dick in your mouth. The place is really hit and miss. When it's good it's real fuckin' good and when it's bad, I leave with a sore dick after stroking it so hard in anticipation of it eventually gettin' good. Today is was real fuckin' good.

The place opens at noon and I've been the first one through the door before. I don't mind waiting. In fact I like the feeling of anticipation if I have to wait a bit. I walked in, surveyed the movies playing, and settled on a booth with some hardcore, bareback leather action happening. I stripped down to my jock and tennis shoes, piled my clothes up on the cleanest spot I could find on the floor. I had my poppers in hand and began massaging my dick as I watched some guy on the TV get fisted and blown by another guy. It never takes very long.

I always jump a little when I hear the rickety turn-style announce the entrance of another customer. The venue is set up with a theatre-style room right up front and a long hallway of individual booths adjacent to that. I had positioned myself about half way down the hallway so I could hear the sound of approaching footsteps. When the guy got closer, I drop to my signal I'm there to suck cock. I always stop guys in their tracks when the first see me. It takes a certain amount of guts to strip down in a place like this and dudes are always caught off guard when they see me. This guy was no exception.

He was kinda frumpy, mid 40's, not much of a looker. When he saw me there on the floor his hand went to his dick and he started feeling his cock through his pants. Hmm, I thought, he isn't really the kind of guy I was after...I hoped something better would soon come along.

A few minutes later I heard the turn-style welcome another man. This was was even older...late 50's or early 60's I guessed. He too was impressed with my eagerness and started to stroke his dick through his pants. This guy, however, obviously had a big piece of meat so he had my full attention. I motioned him in with my head and he closed the booth door behind him. I pawed at his pants and felt a hefty piece of dick in there. He was only too eager to oblige me with it. Thick and uncut. I was hooked. I made a move to lick the tip but he pulled away and said he only wanted to jack off. I would have been easily bored by that, but it was pretty soon made clear that he would bend the rules for me. He kept his dick right in front of my face and would tease me with it...pulling away every time I tried to make a move for it. Eventually, I got my tongue on the tip...then a little farther...and then farther. He was getting into it now too. He taunted me asking me how much I wanted his big Italian dick. Being the polite military brat, I replied "Yes Sir" to all of his inquiries...even when he asked if I wanted to eat his load.

He grabbed the back of my head and proudly fucked my face. He forcibly worked my mouth and kept telling me that my pussy mouth felt so good and that he would be giving me his load. As he approached cumin, he'd stop and pull away and then just jack off again. I would then work it back into my mouth taking great pains to first slide my dick between his cock and foreskin...he really loved that. Soon he was oozing precut and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I waited until I heard his breath started to get louder and before he could pull away, I slid my arms under his legs and up to cup his ass in my palms. When he tried to pull out, I held him in place and, though he struggled, I was strong enough to keep his dick in my mouth as I brought him to climax. He was loud and kept yelling, "Oh fuck, oh fuck that's good...take it, take my load."

Mike was up next. He was positioned right outside the door when my Italian daddy zipped up and left. He grinned seeing me on my knees, my dick bouncing up out the side of my jock. "Nice" he said entering the booth without waiting for an invitation. He had me at "nice". This guy was tall, bald head, great build...I guessed in his mid 40's. He locked the door and reached down to help me to my feet. He gently but strongly pushed me against the wall and planted a kiss on my mouth. His tongue darted past my teeth and he was hell bent on sticking it down my throat. He was a decent kisser. As we made out, he started unbuttoning his shirt. As fun as this was, I wasn't sure I wanted it to continue until I reached down to cup his crotch and felt a big fatty in his slacks. He freed the beast and it bobbed out in front of me a solid 8 inches. "Fuck yes!" I thought...really just what I was after.

I managed to escape from his lip lock and position myself so that his dick was at eye level. I took a hit of poppers and started to work the end of his cock. This was a nice piece of meat and I wanted to take my time. When a guy's got a big dick, I don't like to take it all down at once. I like to make then think maybe I can' only get a third or a half of it in my mouth. Then I go for it and fuck if that always doesn't make an impression. Mike was very easily stimulated and he would get close and then pull away to keep from coming. Again I would go in and suck the head and slowly make my way down until I was throating the length of his dick and he'd again...pull away to prolong his orgasm. I edged him for nearly 40 minutes with occasional breaks during which he blew me.

We'd make out, takes turns sucking each other cocks. Finally, while we were making out and I held his rock hard boner in my hand, I looked him dead in the eyes and told him I wanted his cum. He made a noise like he was catching his breath, his eyes rolled a bit to the back of his head, and he started shooting long, hot volleys of cum all over my furry chest and abs. I had to laugh, I could feel he was close, but I didn't expect me being so direct would make him cum right there on the spot. Being the hot man that he was...he surprised me with his next move.

After the waves of pleasure shook from his body, he knelt down and started licking his load off my body. He did a really thorough job, lovingly licking up every last drop. Then he stood up and leaned in for another deep kiss...only this time he had his hot load still in his mouth. I opened my mouth and he tongued me, feeding me his load that he'd just licked up. We made out for several minutes making sure I got every bit of it. I found this so hot that I ended up shooting my load onto myself, some landing on my shoulder. Mike then licked up every last drop of my cum and savored it for himself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Portland

I was desperate for some cock, but it was the middle of the afternoon. Not exactly a good time to go in search of a busy glory hole. There are times these places are busy and this wasn't one of them. I pondered going to the gym, but again…not likely the usual flow of hot-bodied jocks looking to show off their chiseled physiques at this time of the day. I checked my usual list of online hookup sites and each was more pathetic than the last. What's a cocksucker to do?

Half joking, I muttered to myself that I was so freakin' horny that maybe I'd go the the seedy Portland theatre. This is one of those old, adult theaters that swingers take their wives to and push them off on other men. I wondered whether a fag like me could get in on any of that action. The thought of having to fuck a woman wasn't too off-putting but what if I couldn't get what I was really after…her husband creamy load? I decided to risk it. Chances are the place would be empty like every other sex venue and I wouldn't have to deal with it, but…when you gotta get off, your dick calls the shots.

I left my hotel and walked the couple of blocks down to the Portland. In that part of town, people walk fast and don't much try to meet your eye on the street. I was watching as I approached and only saw single guys going in…this could be better than I thought. I entered the theater. The fat man behind the ticket booth looked at me as if I were the last pork chop on Earth. 

"What can I do YOU for?" he asked and I think I threw up in my mouth a little. 

"I'm looking to get into the theater here," I said, trying not to be too cocky. 

"Usually guys don't come in by themselves," he said and added, "…usually guys bring their girl friends along, if you know what I mean?" 

"Um, yea…I know what you mean, that's why I'm here. My girl friend is meeting me here. I just arrived first." I lied but what's with the twenty questions anyway?

I paid my admission and walked down the filthy hallway to the double doors that lead to the back. When I entered, the only light in the place was coming from the movie on the screen. Old, shitty, grainy black and white movie. The only thing redeeming about it was that it was 70's porn and I think cheesy 70's porn is hilarious. It took my eyes several minutes to adjust. I could sense movement but my eyes couldn't make out anything but shadows for what seemed like forever. Once I'd become used to the dark. I started to see movement…activity. There was a heavy, reddish curtain on the wall to my left about half way down the aisle. That obviously let to some place more private. I could see a mattress raised up on a large pedestal to my right…and the rest of the room was comprised of mismatched furniture…ugly sofas, chairs and stained mattresses.

When I was able to focus on people, I began to notice that the only people here were single guys. I laughed to myself…that fat fuck didn't berate anyone else about bringing their girl friend?

As I looked around, guys were sitting spaced out, dicks in hand stroking off to the movie. There were a few guys in relatively close proximity, but they didn't appear to be cruising one another. I was wrong.

I decided I would like to take my chances behind the curtain first…after all, no sense bringing attention to myself if it turned out that fags weren't welcome!

Behind the curtain was a tiny room. No more than 5 seats crammed in an L-shape faced a TV that was so old the picture was green. When I walked in, the only guy in the room quickly covered his open pants with his sweater. From the look on his face, he was pretty close to blowing his load before I walked in on him. He was handsome…from what I could see. Nearly bald, stubbly head with a full blond bear. I couldn't really get a look at his body, but his face was cute. What kind of straight guy has that kind of look? I was almost 100% sure he was gay. One way to find out.

I turn to the TV and grab my crotch. I say something stupid about how I really like this movie and when I turn to look at the dude, he just nods. He's not looking at me, but instead is staring at my crotch which I've not stopped rubbing through my pants. I unzip and pull out my growing stuffy and start stroking it out in the open. He's fixated. I let my pants drop and now my dick is bouncing free with a full view to anyone who wanted to watch. The guy is still staring but doesn't speak. I turn to look at the TV so he can have some privacy checking me out.

"Fuck I need some head, you know what I mean? I thought there'd be some willing pussy here but…" I trail off. He still doesn't say anything but he's managed to start stroking his dick under his sweater again. I get bold. 

"You like my dick, don't you?" That gets his attention, he looks up at me but is still too paralyzed to answer. I taunt him with it. I'm rock hard now and I smack it in my palm so it make a loud crack. I then slide on over now so I'm standing in front of him, completely blocking the TV. He moans. Dead give away. 

"Don't be shy…" I let my dick bob freely in front of him and fold my arms across my chest. He licks his lips. I then say, "you need a little help?" and I reach around the back of his head with my left hand slowly and gently pull his head to my cock. He resists for a millisecond, but easily succumbs. 

He starts blowing me and immediately loses his inhibitions. He's moaning now loudly…as if he'd been starved and was now invited to a Thanksgiving dinner. He put his hands on my hips, gently pushed me back and slid down to the floor onto his knees. He sucked me good. I knew this guy would know how to give head. He was sucking me and quietly behind me out of the corner of my eye I saw the curtain move. Another dude came in and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, stood next to me to watch this dude suck my cock.

When my sucker noticed this new guy, he stopped and sat back up.

"What's the matter, faggot? This guy here wants his turn too, " I said. Neither one spoke but their eyes confirmed I had a least guessed right. The cocksucker got back on his knees and started working me again, this time with the added delight of being watched. I tugged the zipper down on my voyeur and released his big piece of meat. I stroked it in my hand and decided that this was one dick I wasn't willing to share.

The head bobbing on my cock had settled into a good rhythm and would soon make me cum if I didn't stop him. I pulled out of his face and myself got down on my knees to suck the new guy. His dick was hefty. It felt big in my hand but up close just millimeters from my nose it was a lot bigger. Took my throat a few tries to be able to accommodate the whole thing, but soon he was face fucking me good.

My cocksucker laid down on the cum-covered floor and maneuvered to be able to suck me again. The dick in my mouth started to spurt and my buddy grabbed my head with both hands and choked me ensuring that I wouldn't spill one drop. Didn't take me long to unload either. My jizz sprayed across the face of my cocksucker and the shoes of the other dude. Seems a pity to have wasted it.

I spent the next hour or so just hanging out in that small room as, one-by-one each guy eventually came in to relieve his nut. I never did see a girl grace that place. I can't imagine that one would want to, but for a seedy, public cocksucker like me…I like those dirty kind of places and the men that shoot there.