Monday, December 9, 2013

Rich (part 2)

"You wanna go skinny dipping?"

"Who is this?" I asked of the guy on the other end of the line. I was at home with a girl I brought back to my place after a mediocre date. Admittedly, at this point in my life I played the field on both teams...often on the same day. 

"Aww, and here I thought I was special. You're gonna owe me big, I intend to collect." Click

My mind was reeling. In all my sneaking around I never gave out my name or number and here this guy had both. Worse, he had used them! Fears of being outted crossed my mind, but really this guy didn't sound like he was being an ass. He really sounded like he truly wanted to get naked with me. 

The evening was pretty much a disaster. I was with her, but 100% of my attention with thinking of him. I'd been busted already a few times and was in jeopardy of losing her as a piece of ass. I would replay the conversation over and over in my mind. Hearing a guy ask me to get naked with him gave me a ranging hard on. Fuck! Who the he'll was this voice? And how did he know I was gay?

"Josh, are we gonna fuck or not?" my date quizzed me while biting her fingernails and slowly sliding her legs apart.

"Huh? Yeah whatever...let's go."

We started making out. It was borderline mediocrity, but when I concentrated on him and closed my eyes, things got a lot better. Over the course of an hour with my eyes completely fixed shut, I proceeded to fuck the shit out of my date. I fucked her hard. She moaned and whined a little in protest, but I didn't care. With my eyes closed I was fucking him and he wanted it hard and rough. I pictured him with a smooth ass and he'd look back at me as I pushes my wood into his butt. I created an imaginary fuck buddy. He was the epitome of masculinity and moreover he wad horny and wanted me to fuck him hard. With my eyes gripped shut, I fantasized our encounter and I took no mercy on him. Consequently, my date loved the animal fuck I threw her way but I never asked her out again. 

"So have you given any more thought to going skinny dipping with me, Joshua?"

Fuck! Why had it taken two weeks for him to get in touch with me again? I had long since worn out jackin off by fantasizing about our first conversation?

"Who is this?" I hated to ask, but I still wasn't convinced it was real. 

"If you wanna find out who I am, why don't you just meet me for a dip and find out? You are interested, aren't you Josh? I bet you're hard right now, me just talking about it."

This guy could read me like a book. Hell yeah I was hard. Truth be told, I was a bit nervous about getting caught. "OK, yeah let's do this where am I gonna meet you?"

"North Campus Commons Apartments. The pool is all the way behind the A-building. It's closed after dark so no one will bother us. I'll meet you there. Don't let me down."

I must be crazy, I thought to myself as I parked in front of the Commons. Still I was horny and I needed sex. The anonymity of the caller just added more to the whole experience. 

I walked down a small concrete walkway around the backside of the apartment complex. In the distance I could see the glow of the pool light and it cast a shimery glow onto a small canopy of trees overhead. There didn't appear to be anyone there. I followed the path and pushed through the gate into the pool area. The pool was protected from view by the apartments because of this small patch of trees. My heart was racing. 

The gate was closed but not locked. I slid the catch up and pushed it open to gain access to the pool. Looking around, I confirmed I was alone. I decided to get into the water. I stripped down to my briefs and made a pile of my clothes on a table. I walked toward the shallow end and dipped my toe in the water. It was nice, cool but not cold. Now even the idea of a swim was starting to appeal to me. I quietly entered the pool sliding off the side into the water. The coolness was exhilarating and I was starting to gain back me cocky confidence. I sink below the surface like a stealthy crocodile. 

I enjoyed a little quiet swim. The light in the pool went dark. My eyes hadn't yet adjusted, but I could make out a masculine figure approaching from the apartment side of the building. The figure said, "We don't want to get caught, Josh. Guys like us have reputations and people will talk."

The guy stripped completely naked and before he managed to dive into the water, I did catch a glimpse of his semi hardon. When he surfaced, we were face to face. It was Rich. 

"It's you? Why all the secrecy?" I asked. 

"I'm keeping my activity on the down-low, kinda like you."

"I'm not seeing her any more." I said.

"So now you're ready to be a faggot?"

I laughed. Truth was neither of us had figured out that we were gay. Sex with guys was still nothing but a phase we could give up any time we wanted. 

"I never figured that you..."

He interrupted, "...would be sucking cock? C'mon sex is sex."

He reach down and grabbed my dick through my briefs. 

We started making out. It was intense. Stealing sex in bookstores is random and though I find random fun, sex is better when the dick you're making out with is another sexy jock-type guy. I'll admit, making out with a guy on my team was really hot. I was totally in to it and he knew it but not only because of the hard wood poking him in the leg. 

Let's go up to my place. I want to eat your ass, he said and led me out of the pool. I hopped out, my boner bouncing. I was eager to get some place more private.