Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Bijoux

On a seedier stretch of Michigan Avenue there used to be an adult bookstore called the Bijoux. It consisted of an adult theatre showing horrible grainy, straight porn with rows of dilapidated seating crusty with cum. The front of the store sold movies, dildos, and magazines. But the best part of the Bijoux, at least for me, was the adult arcade…a dark, maze of booths where porn played and horny men would feed quarters into machines waiting for faggots like me to entice them to stick their dicks through one of the many glory holes. I used to drink five, six loads of cum on my way home from work. On one particular night I'll never forget, I got to blow my uncle, the fag-hater.

When I came out I never planned to declare it openly to everyone in my family. Truth be known, some of them are hicks and I knew they would have a problem with it. Like it or not, when I did eventually tell my parents, my mom freaked out and shared the news with everyone in the family thinking that having it all out in the open would be the quickest way to start the 'healing'. It didn’t really work out that way.

My dad was the oldest of four brothers and his youngest brother, Rick, couldn't accept me being gay. He called me all kinds of hateful things, not the least of which I minded. Whenever I happened to get stuck attending family functions he always treated me as if I didn't exist. To Uncle Rick, I was invisible.

This only bothered me because my Uncle Rick and I were pretty close in age. Being only 7 years apart, we used to hang out and do stuff. I always had a crush on him growing up. He was so freaking handsome to me and had one of those naturally fit bodies. He grew a beard when he was still in high school and I was so turned on by that. He liked to parade around shirtless in just jeans and his furry chest and stomach coupled with that beard caused me many painful erections. We would wrestle around a lot and it was heaven for me to be able to touch his masculine body. But a couple of times maybe things got too intense and he would forcibly push me away and get defensive that I was enjoying it too much. As I got older, and more desirous of him, we did less and less together.

The Bijoux was clear on the other side of town from my family or anyone I knew for that matter. Once I got my license, I just started looking for places to suck dick and this one was the best. I always parked across the divided highway to hide my activities, I'm not sure why. That day, I had had a rough day at work. My Boss was always bitching about something or other and I was just beat down. Nothing helped me forget my problems like sucking cock and that night I needed to eat some cum!

I like to play this game with myself. I will take a walk around the booths to survey the crowd a little and let the guys see me. Then I will wait for the guy in my favorite booth to leave and I'd quickly take his place. Inside, I would strip down...get completely naked. I would just toss my clothes on the floor not really caring if they got cum or dirt on them from the last guy. I would kneel in front of the glory hole and start stroking my cock. When I'm on my knees parked in front of a hole, my heart starts to race and I always get a raging boner. My rule is this: no matter who comes in to the adjoining booth, I have to blow them. If they are fat, ugly, small doesn't matter. As a cock sucker it is my job to relieve anyone that comes into that booth. I love surrendering to chance who it might be that should come in and it is exciting to me to have no choice in the matter of who's cum I eat.

That night I was looking to forget: forget my day, my job, all of my problems. I was edging myself and collecting loads. I let a rather large, uncut dick slip past my lips and back through the hole. The last few drops of cum stuck to the bottom of the glory hole as he pulled his cock through. This guy’s load was big and I remembered his dick...I'd blown him before. One of my regulars, though I would never recognize him by his face. I had a couple of minutes to relish his load before the door opened again and I heard someone shuffle in next door.

I stuck my finger into the hole giving my signal that I was looking for another load. There was no action on the other side of the wall. Frustrated that someone was occupying the room with my glory hole but not feeding me their dick, I attempted to get a look at the perpetrator. The light from the movie scene inside gave me ample opportunity to recognize my uncle. I froze with fear. Oh shit! Does he know I'm here? If he found out, I could pretty much guarantee he would beat the shit out of me. He turned to look down at the hole and I pulled back and hid so he wouldn't be able to see my face. My heart was pounding out of my chest. My fear was now being mixed with desire. I wanted to see his cock. I'd wanted to blow him ever since I knew what a blowjob was and here he was in the booth opposite me. I stole another peek and he was watching straight porn on the screen and rubbing his dick through his jeans.

I started to calm a bit. Clearly he didn't know I was here and clearly he was here for something. I just hoped that something was the same something I was there for too. I changed the channel in my booth to a station that provided the least amount of light to see into my space. Staying out of the light, I again poked my finger through the hole. This time he noticed and again attempted to get a look at the mystery guy on the other side of the hole. When he was unable to identify me, he stood up and turned his bulge toward the hole. He still wouldn't unbutton his fly, but he pressed his crotch close enough that I could reach out and paw his dick. I think that was all the coaxing he needed. He stepped back and peeled open his pants. He fumbled to get his dick out and when it sprung free, he dangled it just out of reach of the hole.

He had a nice, long shaft. Not terribly thick and it had a slight bend to the right. The head of his dick was full and pink and a drop of oozy pre-cum clung to his piss slit. It was now or never and I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue hoping to receive my prize. The moments that passed seemed like hours, but a second before I would have given up and withdrawn defeated, I felt that drop of cum touch the tip of my tongue. Slowly he eased his dick into my waiting mouth until I could feel his pubes against my lips. I closed my mouth around his dick and swallowed hard creating suction and began to work the length of his dick. He moaned softly and started to fuck the wall in sync with my mouth.

At this point I had blown my own load all over the wall in front of me…all of this done without touching myself. The thought and feeling of Uncle Rick's cock in my mouth was more than I could take…more than I could have hoped for. Thoughts of his sexy, furry body fucking my face though the hole in the wall pushed me over the top and now I was whimpering...I wanted to taste his load, the load of my uncle.

The wall creaked. He had gripped hard against the corners and was pressing his full weight against the wall. His balls tightened and his cock got even harder as his cum shot was building. “Ohh God,” he said… the first audible words from that booth as the first of several spasms of cum shot into my mouth. It was no different than anyone else’s cum, but to me it tasted all that much better knowing I had done something so taboo. I was swallowing my uncle’s jizz! My father’s brother had his dick down my throat and was emptying his cum into my hungry gut. I started to get hard again, just the idea of doing something so wrong, so morally reprehensible. It crossed my mind to fuck with my uncle and reveal myself. I soon decided that I wouldn’t partially for my own safety and partially out of the idea he might one day feed me again.


  1. Great story! Did you ever suck him again?

  2. OMG awesome man!!! I love the gloryholes too !!!

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  4. I really like your writing. This is a dream come true. I was in love with my Uncle starting when I was about 12. I once saw his cock....a huge sloping horsecock, but you lived the dream. Write more. I also am a cocksucker/cock-worshiper. But inactive these days....

  5. *************Ass Mouth
    Loads Given 130 191
    Loads Taken 168 343

    YOU ARE MOSTLY BOTTOM... i want to feed you
    mmm your Beard make me horny

  6. Very hot guy... a great story... gotta say i truly love a cocksucker who knows his place as you indeed seem to. Love the fact that once your mouth is mounted to that glory hole its your job to service whatever is placed between your lips... you def know what your good for...

  7. Mmmm yes great story I'm just like you I luv suckin dick & I luv glory holes there's a old rundown public restroom at a state park where I live that the state closed down to public use & even the gravel road leading to it so I park at the gate & I walk to it.I'm a sissy cd so I carry a small backpack with sum of my sissy stuff with me.A lot of guys know about the place so I go there often.There's 3 stalls & 2 urinals & each stall has a gloryhole cut in the door.I prefer the last stall at the far end so I get & strip off & put one of my wigs on,panties & sum lipstick plus I have a big dildo called a "realistic dick" you've probably seen em for sale in adult bookstores.It's 8.5in long fat with balls & a suction cup on the end & has a nice realistic feel.I luv sitting on it while I suck dick thru the gloryhole & sumtimes a man will enter my stall & fuck my tight sissy ass while another fucks my mouth thru the gloryhole!!! Mmmm I luv gettin a hot load of cum shot down my throat & I prefer for whoevers fuckin me to pull out so I can swallow his load too!!! Yes its my job as a sissy cocksucker to suck all the dick & swallow all the cum I can no matter the color,size or amount of hair if a dick cums thru that gloryhole I'm suckin it dry!!!

  8. you know if course the Bijou theatre is still in Chicago