Monday, July 18, 2011

Going Down

I work in a very large, very conservative, financial services company. I recently paid a visit to headquarters in Manhattan. The HQ is one of the higher skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan and I usually setup camp on the 50th floor close to some colleagues I work with. Seeing all of the businessmen in their shirts and ties really gets me going. Something about being able to identify a jock's nice frame while fully clothed makes me fantasize about how exciting it would be to grab one by the tie and pull him on for a long kiss.

On one particular morning, I found myself waiting longer than usual in the lobby to catch an elevator up to 50. The people were collecting in front of the elevator doors to push in front of others that were there earlier. There was no shortage of handsome guys.

A ding directly behind me signaled the arrival of an elevator. I stepped in, pushed 50 and stepped all the way to the back. A flood of people crowded in and we were standing very close. I became aware of the guy in front of me almost immediately. Nearly bald head, masculine frame. He was impeccably dressed and smelled delicious, not sure of his cologne. I inhaled deeply to take in his essence. Shortly after the doors closed and the elevator began to rise, I felt the brush of a hand across the front of my trousers. My dick jumped at the attention. I didn't think much of it until the hand came back and this time zeroed in on my wood. There was no mistaking the fingers wrapping around my boner and giving them an intent squeeze. My initial reaction was, "what the Hell just happened?" It wasn't totally clear to me who had done it. When it happened again, I saw the hand connected to the guy standing directly in front of me. All I could see of this guy was the back of his shaved head. With him so close, I inhaled his smell and let out an approving sigh.

There were so many people crammed into this small space that no one was the wiser what was going on. He gently rocked standing in front of me which caused my dick to slide up and down the crack of his ass. I was completely hard by now and a little turned on by the fact this was all happening with someone I couldn't identify as I'd never seen his face!

When we'd reached the upper floors and people started exiting there was more space, but my elevator buddy stayed firmly glued to the front of my crotch. I had already decided that I would exit wherever this guy was getting off. On my floor, 50, the doors opened but nobody moved. The man in front of me again squeezed my cock as if to say, "don't go yet."

On 53 the guy made a move and half turned speaking directly to me, "this is us!" I smile and we exited, me close behind him.

The dude was sexy. Shaved head, stubbly blond beard and piercing blue eyes. I would totally have been in to him had I seen him first! He no longer paid any attention to me, but silently lead me into the office and down the hallway. I followed obediently. We walked all the way down the length of the hallway to the corner office. He stepped in and when I followed, he closed and locked the door behind me.

As soon as the door latched, this guy was on his knees unzipping my pants. No asking me if I wanted head. No "how do you do? What's your name?" He knew what he wanted and he was going for it. I like that in a guy. He was straight to the point. He swallowed me to the hilt right from the get-go. I felt waves of bliss wash over my body as the guy worshipped my dick. He teased the Hell out of me. Working my cock all the way to the base with his mouth, he would whimper like he'd been deprived of dick for days. Then he'd send me into convulsions by jacking my dick while he blew me...that added hand action is the quick path to my spraying his tonsils with my load. The guy was eager and he worked me intently for 20 or so minutes. Every time I would get close, he'd back off slightly so as not to rush me to orgasm. Truth be told, I would have loved him to let me cum. I left without touching myself this morning and my dick wasn't at all happy about the snub.

The only words he'd say, "Are you ready to feed me your big load?" were met with my equally short, emphatic reply, "Fuck yeah!"

He went crazy. He cupped my ass with both hands and started pistoning his face up and down the shaft of my cock. A hard, very audible cum was now inevitable. I swear I almost lost my balance as every muscle in my body started to quake. This man wanted it and he wanted it bad. I tried to maintain a bit of decorum, but my grunts grew louder as I shot volley after volley of hot jizz down this bald cocksucker's throat. I had to brace myself on this hunk's shoulders to keep from falling over.

Slowly I regained my balance, my vision and my composure. What happened next, sent my mind into sexual overdrive for the remainder of the day. My assailant stood up and unbuttoned his pants. He grabbed a handful of slobber from my cock and proceeded to dump a hefty load of his own into my briefs as they lay there circling my ankles. Staring directly into my eyes, he shot off without so much as a peep.

I had to laugh. Not a paper towel in sight, I had no choice but to button up with this studs spunk now seeping around my nuts and into the crack of my ass. We smiled. I left without thanking him, but not before using his tie to wipe off the last little bit of my cum from his chin.

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